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Globe and Mail's Mark Mackinnon Sanitizes Arafat

by Mike Fegelman

Yasserarafat_5 Mark Mackinnon’s coverage of the building of a mausoleum for Yasser Arafat made our antennae twitch.

He handled Arafat, a corrupt and autocratic terrorist with kid gloves. The report sanitized Arafat as a ?national hero? and a ?humble man with a simple character?. Absent from this report, Arafat’s dark legacy where he ruled supreme as a tyrannical despot.  His dubious resume includes innovating hostage-taking, air-plane hijacking, school massacres, and suicide attacks.

Yet beyond the terrorism, extortion, embezzlement, incitement and intimidation lies Arafat’s most unfortunate ongoing impact: The inculcation of murderous values in a Palestinian populace, who have been educated ? under Arafat’s direction ?  to continue the fight of jihad against Israel, rather than compromise to end the decades-long conflict.

Lest we forget, Arafat was the ruthless pioneer of modern terrorism.



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