Globe and Mail Ignores Terror Bus Bombing in Israel

April 19, 2016

Yesterday, terror struck again in Jerusalem as an Israeli bus was bombed, injuring over 20 people, some seriously and several still in critical condition. Both Hamas and Fatah (the party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas) have praised the attack, though as of this writing no one has claimed responsibility.

While mainstream media outlets in Canada like the CBC, National Post, Toronto Star, and CTV News all covered the attack (see coverage below), the Globe and Mail – Canada’s so-called paper of record –  completely ignored the attack and failed to provide any coverage on its print broadsheet, website, or social media platforms.

Bias by omission is the most egregious form of media bias as readers are deprived of learning about important events, especially significant developments that have taken place in the Middle East. As it’s said, what’s reported today oftentimes becomes foreign policy tomorrow.

Please tell the Globe and Mail that Israeli lives matter and that major terror attacks like yesterday’s bus bombing which targeted and maimed Israeli civilians deserves coverage. Please send emails to Globe and Mail Editor-in-Chief David Walmsley:


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