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Globe and Mail Duped by Manufactured Dissent

by Mike Fegelman

The Globe and Mail’s online photo gallery this weekend featured the following dubious photograph from the Associated Press:


"A Palestinian demonstrator argues with an Israeli soldier at the village of Bilin, near the West Bank town of Ramallah." (Sebastian Scheiner / AP)

As HonestReporting Canada has reported in the past, these clashes at Israel’s security fence near Bil’in are anything but spontaneous and are rehearsed well in advance in an attempt to manufacture dissent.

YNet News reported on these weekly Friday clashes, noting that:

"It’s a script known in advance, played out by the same actors every Friday. The number of those injured changes every week… The IDF calls the protests against the fence the "Friday game" ? an attempt by anarchists to maintain public attention and turn it against the fence."

These photos are part of an ongoing campaign in which photojournalists and newswires are willing participants. Agitators turn up every week, provoking a police or military response. Professional cameramen dutifully document the event, and news agencies distribute the images to newspapers around the world. The captions provided by the newswires rarely (if ever) remind readers that Israel built the security barrier to defend its citizens from deadly terror attacks, and the barrier has dramatically reduced infiltrations from the West Bank, saving hundreds of lives.

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