Globe and Mail Claims Without Substantiation That Israeli Troops Killed 11 Palestinians

On February 23, the Globe and Mail published a report from the Associated Press and Reuters wire service agencies that featured the following unsubstantiated headline: “Israel troops kill at least 11 Palestinians in West Bank raid”.

It’s noteworthy that the AP/Reuters report did not claim outright that Israeli troops killed at least 11 Palestinians, just that 11 Palestinians (now 12) were killed in the Israeli raid.

The reason for this is that it’s ultimately unknown how many Palestinians were killed by Israeli vs. Palestinian fire. The article itself notes that there was a “fierce gun battle” between Palestinian “militants” (terrorists) and Israeli soldiers. To date, no ballistic reports and autopsies have been released.

While it’s likely that Israeli fired killed eight of the Palestinians, all of whom are confirmed terrorists from the Lion’s Den, Islamic Jihad, PFLP, and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the other four of the 12 fatalities causes of death is unknown.

Accordingly, the same day this report was published, HonestReporting Canada asked the Globe and Mail if it can substantiate the claim that Israeli troops killed 11+ Palestinians? It’s important to point out that this headline was not featured in attribution such as, “according to Palestinian sources.”

HRC asked that corrective action be implemented as the Globe’s headline presented unverified claims as undisputed facts.

Responding to our concerns, the Globe and Mail committed to bringing our concerns to their editor’s attention.


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