Globe and Mail Blames Israel for Palestinian Poverty and Despair

June 30, 2019

On June 26, the Globe and Mail published a feature length, front page article, by former Mideast bureau chief Mark Mackinnon, about how the Palestinian economy was in “tatters” and which largely pointed the finger at Israel for the depressed economy, high levels of unemployment, abject poverty, and institution building in the Palestinian territories.

The Globe’s article came on the heels of the Trump administration’s releasing a $50-billion economic stimulus plan for the Palestinians which plans to prod development and economic integration between the west bank, Gaza and Israel.

While reporter Mackinnon observed that Gaza was pushed into the “abyss,” he failed to adequately explain that this is due primarily because of Hamas’ irresponsible actions and callous indifference to the plight of the Palestinian people. This is, after all, what you get when you elect a terrorist organization to govern and represent your interests.

Imagine what Gaza would have looked like if Hamas invested the hundreds of millions of dollars it collects (steals) from local Palestinians (and foreign aid) and put it towards education, health care, job creation and infrastructure building?

Hamas leaders flying in a luxury charter jet.

Sadly, Hamas diverts hundreds of millions of dollars towards terror (building attack tunnels, manufacturing rockets, and providing salaries to suicide bombers and stipends to Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails). While Gazans live in poverty, the terror organization’s leadership features a whose who of billionaires to multi-millionaires. Indeed, Khaled Meshaal, former Hamas leader, has a net worth estimated at $2.6-billion, and current Hamas leader Ismail Hanieyh, is believed to have tens of millions of dollars in assets. On the topic of how Palestinian leaders enrich themselves from the public purse, one need only to look at Mahmoud Abbas’ fiefdom and his 14-year klepto-dictatorship. Abbas’ lining his own pockets enabled him to have an estimated net worth of $100-million dollars. Abbas, after all, was just following in the footsteps of former Palestinian leader/arch terrorist, Yasser Arafat, who died a billionaire.

These Palestinian leaders have made a fortune out of the Palestinian people’s misfortune and yet, the default position of the mainstream media is that the “Israeli occupation” and the biased pro-Israel Trump administration is the primary reason for Palestinian poverty.

Importantly, it’s inherently racist to deny the Palestinian’s agency, responsibility and to be held accountable for their actions and inactions.

Make no mistake, Israel wants peace and desires for Gaza to thrive like Singapore instead of it being a recipient of the largess of world donors through humanitarian aid.

The reason there’s a joint Egyptian-Israeli blockade of Gaza is because the territory is run by a ruthless, autocratic and despotic terrorist organization that seeks to arm itself, attack Israel, and wipe the Jewish state from the map. The Globe’s reporter only obliquely acknowledged this by providing a brief quote from Israeli military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Conricus.

In his Globe and Mail article, reporter Mark Mackinnon observed the following of interest (emphasis added):

Israel – seeing the entire strip as now under the control of “terrorists” – launched its blockade, and Gaza’s slide began to accelerate.”

We have to ask, what’s with the scare quotes around the word “terrorists”? It’s an undisputed fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization according to the Canadian government, the US, UK, EU, Israel, etc. Does the Globe’s own reporter dispute that Hamas is a proscribed terrorist group?

Mackinnon also stated the following:

“Gaza’s desperation – and the promise of better lives if the Palestinians agree to a peace deal that’s expected to be largely on Israel’s terms – is the heart of a Middle East peace plan the Trump administration is rolling out this week.”

For a peace deal that has not been released, the Globe’s reporter is of the opinion and has already come to the conclusion that the American plan for Mideast peace is slanted in Israel’s favour. So much for objectivity!

As to slant, the Globe published 7 photos showing Gazans who suffer from poverty, declining health conditions, lack of city infrastructure, who are frustrated by Israel’s maritime blockade of Gaza and whose buildings were destroyed by Israel in recent fighting. Again, the Globe’s narrative tells one story: Israel is causing Palestinian poverty. Question: Why didn’t the Globe publish any photos showing armed Hamas men and their weapons? Perhaps the answer is that it didn’t fit the narrative of the Globe’s journalist.

Regrettably, the Globe’s reporting about Palestinian despair unfairly assigned primary blame at Israel’s doorstep, instead of placing almost exclusive responsibility on Hamas, and to the Palestinian Authority and relevant government officials, the Palestinian people, the United Nations, and the Arab and Muslim world at large.

Take action now! Please send a letter to the editor to share your concerns about Mark Mackinnon’s latest report on June 26 entitled: “The Palestinian economy is in tatters, but Gazans aren’t embracing Trump’s aid plan“. Please send emails conveying that it was unfair to blame Israel for Palestinian poverty to:


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