Globe and Mail Amends Erroneous Ceasefire Headline

July 18, 2014

A July 14 column authored by the Globe and Mail’s Public Editor, Sylvia Stead, noted that “Headlines are hard to write, but they must be precise”. Stead referred to some Globe reporting of the current hostilities between Israel and Hamas where headlines, she acknowledged, were not as precise as could be.

Despite her advice, the following day online editors at the Globe wrote the following erroneous headline to a Patrick Martin article:

We had two problems with this headline. For starters, this headline claims essentially that a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas had been struck, but that the deal faltered after the “first Israeli casualty”. Yet, Hamas never accepted the ceasefire, only Israel did. Secondly, the word “casualty” is defined as: “An accident, especially one involving serious injury or loss of life.” The word the Globe was probably looking for was “fatality” though even that would be incorrect given that Patrick Martin reported recently that: “Remarkably, there have been no direct Israeli deaths from the rockets so far, although medics said one woman died on Thursday, a day after falling while running for cover.” Importantly, as of July 15, it was reported by the Washington Post that 15 Israelis have been injured thus far by Palestinian rocket fire.

Following correspondence between HonestReporting Canada and the Globe, the headline has commendably been updated and it now states:



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