Globe and Mail Amends Article After HRC Request

February 6, 2013

Israel has never confirmed nor denied assassinating Hezbollah chief Imad Mugniyah in 2008, yet the Globe and Mail’s Mideast reporter Patrick Martin made this claim outright in an article posted on the Globe’s website.

In an article on Hezbollah’s history of violence, Martin said: “Israel’s February, 2008, assassination of Hezbollah’s military commander, Imad Mugniyah, led to the group’s widespread efforts seeking revenge. Its patron, Iran, was also looking to retaliate for assassinations of several of its nuclear scientists, killings that Tehran blamed on Israel.”

In the interests of accuracy, we asked the Globe and Mail to amend this article to reflect the fact that these allegations have not been confirmed and are only “suspected”. The Globe, to its credit, promptly amended the article ensuring that the print edition of this article did not carry this error.


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