• On a daily basis, Israel is slandered and maligned by our journalists
  • The Jewish state is demonized and is subjected to “apartheid” slurs and boycott, divestment, and sanction campaigns
  • You know that what’s reported today, becomes foreign policy tomorrow
  • You believe that Israel deserves fair, balanced and impartial treatment by Canada’s news media
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The mainstream media plays an active role in the inaccurate depiction and views that many in our society hold regarding the State of Israel.

Many media consumers readily accept information presented to them, believing it to be truthful and based on fact. However, that is not always the case.

Thus, it is imperative that both domestic and international media outlets be held accountable for the news they present to the general public.

HonestReporting Canada was established for this purpose. Our mandate is to ensure that information regarding Israel, whether published in print or online, is accurate, fair, and balanced.

Our efforts have led to change, and to progress. Since the inception of HonestReporting Canada in 2003, and with the help of our base of 55,000 + subscribers, we have prompted hundreds of apologies, revisions and retractions from various news outlets.  Our vigilance has also had the effect of making newsrooms think twice before publishing biased or inaccurate reports on Israel.

Because of the media’s ability to influence public opinion, our ongoing efforts to achieve media impartiality and fairness is vital. Together, with your help, we can see to it that Israel is represented in a just, and truthful way.

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Yours truly,

Mike Fegelman
Executive Director, 
HonestReporting Canada