Gaza Children's Exhibit a Fake?

By Mike Fegelman

July 18, 2012

At HRC, we have written about the hypocrisy of the exhibit "A Child’s View From Gaza" touring the country which features drawings allegedly by Palestinian children depicting their experiences during the three week war in Gaza in 2009.

As we noted in a letter to the Calgary Herald in May, while "Tears of Gaza" highlights the trauma of Palestinian children’s experiences during the Gaza War which lasted a mere three weeks, Israeli men, women and children, particularly from the town of Sderot, have suffered from post-traumatic stress due to incessant rocket attacks from Gaza for the past six years, with no end in sight.

Global TV aired HonestReporting Canada’s concerns that the one-sided exhibit ignored the trauma of Israeli children who have borne the brunt of thousands of Palestinian rocket attacks.

This same exhibit is now coming under fire for it’s authenticity. The website Algemeiner has published an article by blogger Elder of Ziyon which raises questions about the authenticity of the drawings. According to a panel of experts, the drawings “did not appear to be drawn by children, or at the very least some of them may have been drawn under the heavy influence of adults who created the motifs for children to copy”.

Click here to read the article in its entirety: The Fake Child Artists of Gaza.

In addition to the sheer hypocrisy of the art exhibit, the news that this art exhibit may be a hoax would be another example of the the sad phenomenon of anti-israel agitation that seems to know no limits.


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