Fayyad a No-Show as Netanyahu meets Palestinian Delegation

April 17, 2012

Times of Israel reports that a meeting between Fayyad and Netanyahu did not occur as Fayyad did not attend the meeting. Instead, Netanyahu met with the Palestinian delegation, with whom he exchanged letters. Fayyad had been widely reported to be unhappy about attending. The Times of Israel reports that, until the delegation arrived, Netanyahu did not know whether Fayyad would be coming.

The meeting was announced last week, and represented the first high-level contact since official talks in Jordan broke down in January.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Tuesday morning that the meeting might be called off because of a dispute over money transfer issues between Israel and the PA.

The Palestinians were to deliver a missive from PA President Mahmoud Abbas that includes a demand for a complete settlement freeze as a pre-condition for negotiations as well as the release of all prisoners and agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with possible small adjustments before negotiations.

Abbas’ letter also questions Netanyahu’s commitment to a two-state solution. Abbas, however, may have a tough time explaining the recent comments of the Palestinian Authority’s Minister of Social Affairs, Majida Al-Masri, or recent official PA cartoons. As Palestinian Media Watch reports, Majida Al-Masri recently stated that Palestinian unity is needed in order to achieve "the liberation of Palestine – all of Palestine," meaning Israel’s destruction. PMW also documents other recent official PA cartoons which expresses the idea that unity between Hamas and Fatah is all that is needed to eliminate Israel. In one, two identical fighters portraying Fatah and Hamas unity form the shape of the map of Israel and the PA areas. The Palestinian flag is held above the map, symbolizing Palestinian political sovereignty over all of Israel.

Then again, Abbas will likely not have to explain it at all, since the Western media continues to ignore Palestinian incitement against Israel.


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