Exposing The Hateful Letter Signed By Members Of Canada’s Legal Community Justifying Hamas Terrorism

In early November, a group of some 600 members of Canada’s legal community, including many students, signed a letter that we regard as a de facto justification of Hamas’ terrorism against Israel.

This letter inverts reality, gaslights the grieving Jewish community, and expresses unabashed support for some of the most egregious behavior witnessed in recent memory.

The letter abhorrently fails to acknowledge the legitimate disgust and outrage felt by so many Canadians at witnessing one of the most gruesome events in modern history—the deadliest massacre of the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

Instead, it endorses the absurd and offensive idea that these atrocities can somehow be “contextualized”—implicitly suggesting support for Hamas’ mass murder is justified because of political grievances, and that therefore, the burning, raping, and kidnapping of innocent women, children, and the elderly is a justifiable reaction to disagreeing with a government policy.

The letter also dismisses and unequivocally “reject[s]” the notion that seeking to “contextualize” Hamas’ terrorist attacks is akin to antisemitism, instead dismissing efforts to combat hatred and discrimination against Canadian Jews as “a new McCarthyism.”

Implicit justification for this kind of disgraceful violence, discrimination, and hatred has no place in a civilized society like Canada—hence the widespread outrage such justifications have received, and the social repercussions that those who supported the attacks are now facing in certain select areas of society.

Just as those who have engaged in racist, hateful, or discriminatory public behaviors targeting other minorities have faced social consequences in recent years, those who do so targeting Jewish Canadians have no right to a special exception.

Nevertheless, 600 members of the legal community are outraged not at the support for violent atrocities and war crimes against innocent civilians—but at the people and organizations who have decided they do not wish to associate with those guilty of this kind of despicable behavior.

The signatories of the letter wholeheartedly, and without any reservations, limitations, balance, or qualifying conditions, seek to “support,” “mentor,” and profess pride for those who have been held responsible for their own problematic actions and decisions.

The letter claims that the actions of those they are defending is “legitimate Charter-protected political expression.” This would certainly be true if the offenders had indeed simply voiced political criticism of Israeli government policies and/or actions, or simply voiced sympathy or concern for the well-being of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

But that is not what the people currently facing backlash have largely been doing.

Those who seek to “contextualize” a massacre of Jews are not engaging in academic inquiry, but in our view, are engaging in hateful conduct that excuses and rationalizes terrorism. To pretend otherwise or to characterize this position as legitimate freedom of expression is dishonest and inexcusable. 

Basic freedom of association permits any private citizen or organization to reject working with anyone they choose for any reason they wish, so long as they are not violating the protected rights of the other person in doing so. 

In no normal application of any Canadian charter rights does a private company or institution owe a position to someone who rejects its core values or engages in behavior it deems inappropriate or harmful to its reputation, culture, or work environment.

All Canadians of conscience and moral character should continue to stand up for their fellow citizens and rightfully condemn violence, hatred, and inappropriate conduct during this time of immense pain. 

And if others choose to do the opposite and publicly take part in the toxic and despicable environment that hateful Hamas supporters have created, the rest of us have every right to take note and act as we see fit within our own capacities as private citizens and within the bounds of the law and of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

As of this writing, here are the organizations and names who have publicly signed the letter justifying or “contextualizing” Hamas terrorism against Israel.


Arab Canadian Lawyers Association
British Columbia Civil Liberties Association
Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights
Law Union of Ontario 
Movement Defence Committee
No More Silence
Pivot Legal Society
Scholar Strike Canada
South Asian Legal Clinic of BC
The Legal Centre for Palestine
Toronto Metropolitan Faculty Association Equity Committee

Individuals and Firms:

    1. Aashish Kohli
    2. Aaina Grover
    3. Aba Akyianu
    4. Adam Lee, LLM candidate, Osgoode Hall Law School
    5. Adam Veenendaal
    6. Aditi Iyer
    7. Adrian Carranza
    8. Adrian Smith, York University
    9. Afifa Hashimi
    10. Ahmad Barzak
    11. Ahmed Labib
    12. Ahsan Mirza
    13. Aidan “Connie” Campbell, Lawyer
    14. Aidan Simardone
    15. Aishah Nofal
    16. Aislin M. Jackson
    17. Ajay Parasram
    18. Alefia Ghadiyali
    19. Aleks Ivovic
    20. Alex Hunsberger
    21. Alex Kermer
    22. Alex Medley, University of Ottawa
    23. Alex Neve, Adjunct Professor of International Human Rights Law, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa
    24. Alexa Powell
    25. Alexander Ostroff
    26. Alexandra Hobson
    27. Alexandra T. Da Dalt
    28. Alexandra Youssef
    29. Alexandria Bonney
    30. Ali Naraghi
    31. Ali Hammoudi, Windsor Law
    32. Aliah El-houni
    33. Allison MacIntosh
    34. Ally Memedovich
    35. Amarkai Laryea
    36. Amanda Ghahremani, Emergent Justice Collective
    37. Amanda Venner
    38. Amani Rauff
    39. Amir Hage
    40. Amjad Khadhair
    41. Ameena Sultan
    42. Amnah Hasan
    43. Amna Rehman
    44. Amy Brubacher
    45. Amy Kishek
    46. Ana Mihajlovic
    47. Anchal Bhatia
    48. Andrea Ajurias
    49. Andrea MacNevin
    50. Andrea Sobko
    51. Andrea Vogel
    52. Andrea Vitopoulos
    53. Andrew Bigioni
    54. Andrew Mindszenthy
    55. Angela Zhu, OPSEU/SEFPO
    56. Anikah Ahmad, lawyer
    57. Anisha Nag, Anisha Nag Law
    58. Anna Cooper, Pivot Legal Society
    59. Anna Goldfinch
    60. Annie Chen
    61. Anver Emon, Faculty of Law University of Toronto
    62. Arash Ghiassi
    63. Ariana Agouridis
    64. Armaan Kassam, Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association – BC Branch, Executive Committee Member
    65. Asad Kiyani, Associate Professor, University of Victoria Faculty of Law
    66. Asaf Rashid, Asaf Rashid Law
    67. Ashley Jacobs
    68. Ashley Schuitema
    69. Ashley Wilson
    70. Ashwini Vasanthakumar, Queen’s University Faculty of Law
    71. Astor Li
    72. Astrid Mrkich
    73. Athena Law
    74. Atiya Husain, Carleton University
    75. Audrey Axten
    76. Ava Armand
    77. Avineet Kaur Cheema
    78. Ayaz Mehdi , Lawyer
    79. Aylin Manduric
    80. Baneet Hans
    81. Beck Park
    82. Benjamin Hognestad
    83. Benjamin Ries
    84. Bessma Kassim
    85. Bety Tesfay
    86. Brenna Bhandar, Associate Professor, Allard Law Faculty, UBC
    87. Brendan Jowett
    88. Breshna Durrani
    89. Brett Hughes
    90. Brittany Scott
    91. Bruce Ryder, Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
    92. Caitlin Meggs
    93. Camelia Alikashani
    94. Carol Drumm
    95. Carol Liao, Allard Law, UBC
    96. Caroline Grady
    97. Carranza LLP
    98. Catherine Lafferty
    99. Catherine Sadler
    100. Charlotte Cass
    101. Cheikh Sadibou Fall
    102. Cheryl Gaster, Human Rights Lawyer, Retired
    103. Chimwemwe Undi
    104. Chris Rudnicki
    105. Christa Croos
    106. Christina Clemente
    107. Christina Shiwsankar
    108. Christina Wang
    109. Christina Vira
    110. Christopher Grossi
    111. Cindy Phillips
    112. Claire Mummé, University of Windsor
    113. Clifford Luyt, Barrister and Solicitor
    114. Craig Burley, Barrister and Solicitor
    115. Cody O’Neil
    116. Colette Nemni
    117. Coline Bellefleur
    118. Cynthia Khoo
    119. Dahlia Aeta
    120. Dalia Tejeda
    121. Damey Lee
    122. Damian Di Biase
    123. Dania Majid, Arab Canadian Lawyers Association
    124. Daniel Tucker-Simmons, Avant Law
    125. Danielle Bisnar
    126. Danielle Sabelli
    127. Danielle Sandhu
    128. Danika So, West Toronto Community Legal Services
    129. Danny Barrett
    130. Darcy Lindberg, University of Victoria
    131. Dave Steele
    132. David-Alexandre Bosset
    133. David Arruda
    134. David Isaac
    135. David Shellnutt
    136. David W. Cass
    137. David Wiseman, uOttawa
    138. Dayeon Min
    139. Debbie Rachlis, Debbie Rachlis Law
    140. Deborah Guterman, Cavalluzzo LLP, LLB/BCL McGill University
    141. Devon Paul
    142. Diana Abuseedou
    143. Diann Chea
    144. Dimitri Lascaris
    145. Dock A R Currie
    146. Dustin Fox
    147. Ascencio
    148. Bala
    149. Elise Mercier
    150. Ella Bedard
    151. Ella Henry
    152. Ellen Campbell, University of Victoria
    153. Emma Conlon
    154. Emma Smyth
    155. Emmaline English
    156. Emily Beggs
    157. Emily Denomme
    158. Emily Dixon Law
    159. Emily Lewsen
    160. Emily O’Keefe
    161. Emma Landy
    162. Emma Sitland, McGill University (Alumni)
    163. Enid Gibney
    164. Erica Cartwright
    165. Erica Olmstead, lawyer
    166. Eric DePoe
    167. Erik Taweel
    168. Erika Chan
    169. Erika Richards
    170. Erika Voaklander
    171. Erin Fletcher
    172. Erin Masters
    173. Erin Sobat
    174. Esther Song
    175. Eugene Kung
    176. Eugenia Cappellaro Zavaleta
    177. Evaleen Hellinga
    178. Evan Szczucinski
    179. Lam
    180. Zeenath Zeath
    181. Fahim Rahman
    182. Faisal Bhabha, Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
    183. Farah Malik
    184. Fareen Law
    185. Farzana Khan
    186. Fasiha Khan
    187. Fathima Cader
    188. Fatima Anwar, WITNESS
    189. Fatima Husain
    190. Fawad Siddiqui
    191. Fedora Mathieu, Immigration and Refugee Lawyer
    192. Flora Yu
    193. Florence Ashley, Assistant Professor, University of Alberta Faculty of Law
    194. Francesca Ghossein
    195. Fred Wu
    196. Ga Grant
    197. Gabrielle Aquino
    198. Gachi Issa
    199. Gaelle Groux
    200. Garrett Zehr
    201. Geetha Philipupillai
    202. Golta Vahid Shahidi
    203. Grace Shin
    204. Grayson Alabiso-Cahill
    205. Gwendolyn Muir
    206. Hajer Labidi
    207. Hamna Anwar
    208. Hana Awwad Eidda
    209. Hana Azzouz
    210. Hani Al-Dajane, Emerge Law
    211. Hania Jahangir
    212. Hannah Bing
    213. Hannah Shaikh
    214. Harpreet Grewal
    215. Harry Glasbeek, Professor Emeritus, Osgoode
    216. Harsha Walia
    217. Heath Soave
    218. Heidi Matthews, Assistant Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School
    219. Henry Goddard Rebstein
    220. Henry Off
    221. Hillary Winter
    222. Hina Ansari
    223. Hodan Ahmed, CAMWL
    224. Howard F Morton
    225. Humera Jabir
    226. Hussain Bukhari, Barrister and Solicitor
    227. Ike Birk
    228. Iler Campbell LLP
    229. Imalka Nilmalgoda
    230. Immanuel F. Lanzaderas, Queen’s Law ‘08
    231. Imtenan Abd-El-Razik
    232. Ioana Dragalin-Reeves, Furgiuele Law
    233. Irina Ceric, University of Windsor
    234. Isabel Davila Pereira
    235. Isabelle Busby
    236. Iqra Azhar
    237. Iqra Rafique
    238. Jackie Esmonde
    239. Jack Bellemare, Avant Law
    240. Jack Jones
    241. Jackson Brown
    242. Jaclyn Salter
    243. Jacqueline Louie
    244. Jacqueline Ohayon, University of Victoria
    245. James Bray
    246. James Kafieh, Lawyer
    247. James Yap
    248. Jamie Liew, University of Ottawa
    249. Jamie Shilton
    250. Janet Mosher, Osgoode Hall Law School
    251. Jasmit Kaur
    252. Jason Birring
    253. Jasleen Kaur
    254. Jeff Carolin
    255. Jeffrey T. Garland, Barrister
    256. Jen Danch
    257. Jenna Meguid
    258. Jennifer Nedelsky, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
    259. Jeremy Greenberg (University of Toronto, J.D. 2019)
    260. Jeremy Lee
    261. Jerico Espinas
    262. Jessica Asch, Indigenous Law Research Unit
    263. Jessica Chandrashekar
    264. Jessica Frappier
    265. Jessica Gadea Hawkins, Lincoln Alexander School of Law
    266. Jesse Gutman, lawyer
    267. Jessica Mayhew
    268. Jia Wang
    269. Jillian Rogin, University of Windsor
    270. Jillian Toonders
    271. Joanna Berry
    272. Joanna Chan
    273. John No
    274. Jordyn Gooden
    275. Joshua Sealy-Harrington, Assistant Professor at Lincoln Alexander School of Law at Toronto Metropolitan University
    276. Jouman El-Asmar, Lawyer
    277. Joycna Kang
    278. Joy Wahba
    279. Juan Carranza
    280. Julia Boddy
    281. Julia Fyfe
    282. Julia McDonald
    283. Julia Romano
    284. Juliana Saxberg
    285. Julian Riddell
    286. Kally Ho
    287. Kareem Ibrahim Law
    288. Karen Segal
    289. Karenna Williams
    290. Karim Morgan
    291. Karla Carranza
    292. Kas Pavanantharajah
    293. Kat Owens
    294. Kat Snukal
    295. Kate Feeney
    296. Katie Douglas
    297. Katie Lay
    298. Katie Mysak
    299. Katharine Brack
    300. Katrina Sriranpong
    301. Keerthana Sivapatham
    302. Kelly Ponte
    303. Kelty McKerracher
    304. Kendall Yamagishi
    305. Kendra Strauss
    306. Kerry McGladdery Dent, Partner, Spero Law
    307. Khadi Ndiaye
    308. Khalid Janmohamed, Lincoln Alexander School of Law
    309. Khalil Jessa
    310. Khareem Sawwaf
    311. Khatima Ali Zada
    312. Kieran Meehan
    313. Kim Veller
    314. Kiran Kang
    315. Kiran Fatima, University of Calgary
    316. Krisna Saravanamuttu
    317. Krista Rodriguez Paralegal & RCIC
    318. Kristen Lloyd
    319. Kristen Thomasen
    320. Kristianne C. Anor
    321. Kristina Cooke
    322. Kulvinder Deol
    323. Kyle Thompson
    324. Kylie Sier
    325. Laith Sarhan
    326. Laura Mars, Lawyer
    327. Leena Halees
    328. Leigh Salsberg
    329. Leila Gaind
    330. Leilani Farha
    331. Lena MacNicholas
    332. Lily Hassall, Labour Lawyer (Vancouver, BC)
    333. Lina El Mugammar
    334. Lina Jaghnane-Elidrissi
    335. Lindsay Bailey
    336. Lindsay Holder
    337. Lindsay Stidwill
    338. Lindsey Tulk
    339. Lisa Leinveer
    340. Lisa Kelly, Queen’s University, Faculty of Law
    341. Lisa H
    342. Lisa Leinveer
    343. Liz Adeseha
    344. Liza Hughes, BC Civil Liberties Association
    345. Lorraine Chuen
    346. Lucia Flores Echaiz
    347. Lyndsay Watson, Pivot Legal Society
    348. Macdonald Scott, Carranza LLP
    349. Madeleine Chin-Yee
    350. Mae J. Nam, Lawyer, Ryder Wright Holmes Bryden Nam LLP
    351. Maggie Fleming
    352. Maha Mansoor
    353. Maia Rotman
    354. Majd Zakout
    355. Makda Yohannes
    356. Malian Levi
    357. Mara Selanders
    358. Mark Phillips, lawyer
    359. Marianne Salih
    360. Mary Boyce
    361. Mary Anne Vallianatos, University of Windsor
    362. Mary McPherson
    363. Mary Thibodeau
    364. Mathieu Bélanger
    365. Matthew Campbell-Williams, MCW Law
    366. Matthew Tran
    367. Mediators Beyond Borders International, Toronto Metropolitan University
    368. Meena Dhillon
    369. Megan Phyper
    370. Megan Savard
    371. Meghan McDermott
    372. Melanie Anderson
    373. Melanie Snow
    374. Melissa Crawford
    375. Melissa J. McKay
    376. Merima Menzildzic
    377. Meryam Miftah-Idrissi
    378. Michael Blazerts
    379. Michael Brito
    380. Michael McDonough
    381. Michaelin Scott
    382. Michelle Adormaa Owusu
    383. Michelle Huang
    384. Michelle LaFortune
    385. Michelle Sutherland
    386. Mike Leitold, sole practitioner
    387. Ming Cheng
    388. Mitchell McGowan
    389. Mohammad Hajivandi
    390. Mohammad Fadel, University of Toronto Faculty of Law
    391. Mohamad Jamal Bsat
    392. Monica Chohan, Chohan Law
    393. Mudasir Marfatia
    394. Mustafa Jilani
    395. N Gitanjali Lena, Lena Legal Services
    396. Naba Shirazi
    397. Nabila Khan
    398. Nadia El Ghandouri
    399. Naila Soubki
    400. Nana Yanful
    401. Naomi Moses
    402. Natasha Bakht, Professor, Shirley Greenberg Chair for Women and the Legal Profession, University of Ottawa
    403. Natasha Milne
    404. Natasha Novac
    405. Navjot Jassar
    406. Nazanin Khodarahmi, Law Society of British Columbia
    407. Newsha Zargaran
    408. Nicole Barazan
    409. Nicole Freeman
    410. Nicole Paroyan
    411. Nick Kennedy
    412. Nisha A
    413. Nishat Hoque
    414. Noah Escandor
    415. Nofa Khadduri
    416. Nofil Nadeem
    417. Nora Fathalipour
    418. Nusra Khan
    419. Oliver Backman
    420. Olivier Bishop-Mercier
    421. Omar Farahat, McGill University
    422. Orlagh O’Kelly
    423. Padraigin Murphy
    424. Paniz Khosroshahy
    425. Parmbir Gill
    426. Patricia Tabascio
    427. Paul Aubin
    428. Perrie Law
    429. Petra Molnar
    430. Poeme Manigat
    431. Pooja Parmar, University of Victoria
    432. Pri S, Osgoode Hall Law School alum
    433. Priyanka Vittal
    434. Quinn Candler Law
    435. Rabia Malik
    436. Ramna Safeer
    437. Randa Farah, University of Western Ontario
    438. Randall K. Cohn
    439. Randy Mclin, Community Legal Worker
    440. Ranya El-Sharkawi
    441. Rashedul Amin, Rashed Amin Law
    442. Rathika Vasavithasan, Parkdale Community Legal Services
    443. Rebecca Glass
    444. Rebecca Meharchand
    445. Rebecca Ward
    446. Rebekah Smith
    447. Renata Colwell
    448. Reshana Singh
    449. Riaz Sayani
    450. Richa Sandill
    451. Richard Elliott
    452. Rick Frank
    453. Riley McLeod
    454. River Shannon
    455. Robbie Grant
    456. Robert Clifford, Allard Law Faculty, UBC
    457. Robert Patterson
    458. Robert Richardson, R Richardson Law
    459. Ron Franklin
    460. Rosel Kim
    461. Rosemary Hu
    462. Roxana Parsa
    463. Ruth Wellen
    464. Ryan Deshpande
    465. Ryan Newell
    466. Ryan Krasman
    467. Rye Dutton
    468. Sabrina Sukhdeo
    469. Sabrina Shillingford
    470. Sadaf Kashfi
    471. Saeed Teebi
    472. Safiyah H
    473. Safwan Dadabhoy
    474. Sahar Rizvi
    475. Sahil Azad
    476. Sajeda Hedaraly
    477. Sajeda Win
    478. Sakshi Chadha
    479. Salematou Camara
    480. Sam Misra
    481. Sami Louzi
    482. Samuel Geisterfer
    483. Sana Fatima
    484. Sandra Ka Hon Chu
    485. Sandy L.
    486. Sara Ageorlo
    487. Sara Ghebremusse, Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario
    488. Sarah L. Boyd
    489. Sarah Khan
    490. Sarah Mikhaiel
    491. Sarah Pringle
    492. Sarah Riley Case
    493. Seema Shafei
    494. Serena Cheong
    495. Sepideh Khazei
    496. Sevda Mansour
    497. Shafaq Ahmad
    498. Shahed Rifai
    499. Shailaja Nadarajah
    500. Shama Ansari
    501. Shane Martinez
    502. Sharifa N. Khan, Lawyer
    503. Shawn Abrahim
    504. Shawn Smith
    505. Shayla Praud
    506. Shayna Beeksma, Beeksma Law Professional Corporation
    507. Sherif Foda
    508. Sherifa Hadi
    509. Shermaine Chua
    510. Sherry Ghaly
    511. Sheru Abdulhusein
    512. Silvia Neagu
    513. Sima Atri
    514. Sonali Sharma
    515. Sonya Sabet-Rasekh
    516. Sophie Chase
    517. Sophie Chen
    518. Sophie Chiasson
    519. Soumia Allalou
    520. Stephanie Tadeo, J.D., University of Ottawa
    521. Stephen Ellis
    522. Steve Rogers
    523. Subuhi Siddiqui, Paths Law
    524. Suha Abu-Jazar
    525. Sukhpreet Sangha
    526. Sukeyeena Omran
    527. Sujith Xavier, Associate Professor, University of Windsor
    528. Summer Ibrahim
    529. Sumrana Taher
    530. Sunia Hassan
    531. Susan Dhaliwal
    532. Susan Toth, Spero Law
    533. Susanna Allevato Quail, Partner, Allevato Quail & Roy
    534. Swathi Sekhar, Sekhar Law Office, Director of Protection Initiatives, Rainbow Railroad, Adjunct Professor, Queens University Faculty of Law
    535. Talia J
    536. Talukder Law
    537. Tamara Ramusovic
    538. Tamir Israel
    539. Tanya Thakur
    540. Tara Williamson, Indigenous Law Research Unit
    541. Taraneh Ashrafi
    542. Taryn Hamilton
    543. Tasha Donnelly, Donnelly Criminal Law
    544. Tasha Manoranjan
    545. Teddy Weinstein
    546. Tess Sheldon, Assistant Professor, Windsor Law
    547. Theresa Donkor
    548. Tina Gougoushvili
    549. Tina Yang
    550. Tracy Nguyen
    551. Tyson Burke
    552. Ummni Khan, Carleton University
    553. Val Lem
    554. Valantina Amalraj
    555. Varda Anwar
    556. Vasanthi Venkatesh, Faculty of Law,  University of Windsor
    557. Veromi Arsiradam
    558. Veronica Martisius, BC Civil Liberties Association
    559. Vic Natola
    560. Victoria Peter
    561. Vincent Wong, University of Windsor
    562. Vinidhra Vaitheeswaran
    563. Vyas Saran
    564. Walid Ayadi
    565. William O’Hanley
    566. Xue 雪
    567. Yanni Nicolidakis-Mustafa
    568. Yavar Hameed
    569. Yomna Khatib
    570. Yumna Siddiqi
    571. Yvonne Mazurak
    572. Zachary Al-Khatib, Liberty Law LLP
    573. Zack Uganec
    574. Zainab Asadullah
    575. Zaineb Hussein
    576. Zeeshan Baig, PropertyLegal.ca
    577. Zosia Hortsing
    578. Zuzana Modrovic, Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre

Academic Colleagues (non-law disciplines):

    1. Abigail Bakan, Professor, OISE,  University of Toronto
    2. Alan Sears, Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University
    3. Amanda Glasbeek, Associate Professor, York University
    4. Amina Jamal
    5. Andrew MacIsaac (University of Manitoba Faculty Association)
    6. Anna Zalik, York University
    7. Anne-Marie Singh, TMU
    8. Audrey Laurin-Lamothe, York University
    9. Beverly Bain, Scholar Strike Canada
    10. Bonita Lawrence, York University
    11. Buddhika Bellana, York University
    12. Carlota McAllister, York University
    13. Christo El Morr, York University
    14. Davina Bhandar Athabasca University
    15. Deborah Cowen, Professor, University of Toronto
    16. Eduardo Canel, York University
    17. Enakshi Dua, York University
    18. Eva Jewell, Toronto Metropolitan University
    19. Fahad Ahmad, Toronto Metropolitan University
    20. Gary Kinsman
    21. Gail Super, University of Toronto
    22. Gökbörü Sarp Tanyildiz, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Brock University
    23. Gordon Doctorow, EdD
    24. Haideh Moghissi, Emerita Professor, York University
    25. Himani Bannerji
    26. Honor Ford-Smith, Associate Professor Emerita
    27. Jalal Kawash, Universtity of Calgary
    28. Jamie Magnusson, Scholar Strike Canada
    29. Jane Schmidt, Toronto Metropolitan University
    30. Jody Berland, York University
    31. Judy Haiven, Retired Professor, Saint Mary’s University Halifax NS
    32. Layal Shuman, Toronto Metropolitan University
    33. Dr Marusya Bociurkiw, Professor, TMU
    34. Leanne Betasamosake Simpson
    35. Lila Pine, RTA School of Media, Toronto Metropolitan University
    36. Luin Goldring, York University
    37. Malcolm Blincow, Emeritus Anthropology, York University
    38. Malek Abisaab
    39. Marcia Macaulay, York University
    40. Merouan Mekouar, York University
    41. Michelle Hartman
    42. Mohamad Sawan, Polytechnique Montreal
    43. Mustafa Koc, TMU
    44. Nada Moumtaz, University of Toronto
    45. Nalini Persram, York University
    46. Nazia Sheikh, Toronto Metropolitan University
    47. Nick Mulé, PhD, York University
    48. Pablo Idahosa, York University
    49. Penni Stewart, Professor Emerita, York University
    50. Peter Vandergeest, Professor Emeritus, York University
    51. Rachel Berman
    52. Rachel Zellars, Saint Mary’s University
    53. Rai Reece, TMU
    54. Richard Fung, professor emeritus, OCAD University
    55. Richard Wellen, Associate Professor, York University
    56. Rebecca Watson, TMU
    57. Roberto Perin, York University
    58. Sabreena Ghaffar-Siddiqui
    59. Saeed Rahnema, Professor rtd, York University
    60. Sedef Arat-Koc, Associate Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University
    61. Shabnam Sukhdev, York University
    62. Shiri Pasternak, Toronto Metropolitan University
    63. Sheryl Nestel, Affiliated Scholar, New College, U of Toronto
    64. Steve Daniels, Associate Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University
    65. Tariq Amin Khan, Toronto Metropolitan University
    66. Ted McCormick, Concordia
    67. Thy Phu, University of Toronto
    68. Usha Viswanathan York University
    69. Verónica Schild, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Western
    70. Vinh Nguyen, University of Waterloo
    71. Viviana Patroni, York University
    72. Yahya El-Lahib, University of Calgary
    73. Zahir Kolia, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology



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