Exposing Excellence: TVO's The Agenda Presents "Iran: A Path to War?"

April 23, 2012

The Agenda, a daily current affairs show on TVO, featured a very informative and balanced panel discussion which examined Iran’s nuclear program. Up for discussion was the likelihood that Iran’s uranium enrichment is for peaceful purposes or for a weapon of mass destruction. The panel also discussed whether international talks between Tehran and the six major powers will help avoid military action over Iran’s nuclear program.

The panel consisted of the following experts:

  • Janice Stein (TVO’s Foreign Affairs Analyst)
  • Ali Alfoneh (Resident Analyst, American Enterprise Institute)
  • Ash Jain (Visiting Fellow, Washington Institute for Near East Policy)
  • Paul Pillar (Core Faculty Member, Security Studies Program, Georgetown University)
  • Austin Long (Assistant Professor of International and Public Affairs, SIPA, Columbia University)

To watch the entire program, we encourage you to click here.

To commend The Agenda for producing an informative and balanced discussion on Iran’s nuclear program, please click here.



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