Exposing Excellence: Global National Profiles Israeli Victim of Terror (December 7, 2009)

December 7, 2009


Exposing Excellence: Global National Profiles Israeli Victim of Terror
December 7, 2009
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It’s not often that the mainstream media reports on the stories of the hundreds of Victims of Palestinian terror.

When Global National’s Mideast bureau chief Lauren McNabb covered the story of Asaf Zur, a 16-year-old Israeli who along with 15 others were killed in a suicide attack on a Haifa bus in 2003, we were impressed.

The report, Which aired on December 2, painfully Relates the tragic loss that the Zur family has had to endure. As relayed by Ms. McNabb, Asaf’s bereaved father Yossi, who in a tribute to his son created a campaign people have to mail him stones from around the world for placement on Asaf’s tombstone in accordance with Jewish custom. According to Yossi: “Asaf may not be able to go and travel the world, so this way I will bring the world to him.”

To view the report online please click here or on the image below:

At the end of the report, Global anchor Kevin Newman, obviously touched by the story, acknowledged that Ms. McNabb’s report was “lovely.”

If you were also touched by this story, please let know Global National.

Acknowledging and profiling for Israeli victims of terror, please take the time to commend Global National. Please refer to Lauren McNabb’s Dec. 2 report about Asaf Zur and send your appreciative comments to Global National’s Executive Producer, Neill Fitzpatrick said: nfitzpatrick@globaltv.com

Adding to the Marketplace of Ideas: HRC Letter Writer Challenges Hill Times Columnist

In a November 23 column under the disturbing headline: “Israel and the new McCarthyism,” Hill Times columnist Murray Dobbin argued that the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism (CPCCA) and pro-Israel supporters were essentially trying to “chill” criticism of Israel by “redefining this scourge (anti-Semitism) to capture many more Alleged perpetrators in its net of enemies.

According to Mr. Dobbin: “It is the simple rule of all pro-Israeli organizations and activists: either declare outright or hint at the possibility that any individual criticizing Israel is anti-Semitic. Jewish critics are branded as “Jew-hating” Jews. The strategy has been extremely effective at intimidating potential critics into silence. “

Mr. Dobbin also argued that “there is no evidence or links to any evidence to support the claim” that some criticism of Israel can be disguised anti-Semitism.


In today’s edition of The Hill Times, HRC letter writer Vicky Tobianah challenged Mr. Dobbin’s assertions. To read the letter online please click here or otherwise see it immediately below:


Additionally, Liberal MP and Chair of the CPCCA panel’s inquiry, Mr. Mario Silva, also took to task Mr. Dobbin. To read his submission as was also printed in today’s edition of The Hill Times please click here.

The following quote gleaned from Mr. Silva’s lengthy letter serves as an appropriate disposal to Mr. Dubbin’s column:
“Prof. Cotler .. Ace, an expert on the issue of anti-Semitism recently told the inquiry,”Criticism of Israel is legitimate and calling it anti-Semitic is unacceptable. But, Singling out Israel for discriminatory treatment in the international arena, and even more, calling for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews wherever they may be anti-Semitism is and not saying so is dishonest. “


HonestReporting Launches New Spanish Website

HonestReporting’s new Latin American affiliate, ReporteHonesto, Recently launched its Spanish language Web site.

ReporteHonesto will monitor coverage of Israel and the Mideast in the Latin and South American media and will also handle HonestReporting translating material into Spanish.Check it out, spread the word, and join their mailing list: Contactenos


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