Exposing Excellence: CBC Reports on Palestinian Kidney Transplant Recipient from Israeli Donor

June 19, 2013

In as much as HonestReporting Canada exposes cases of inaccuracy and bias in Canadian reporting about Israel, we must also do our part to recognize excellent reporting of the Jewish state and of the Mideast region.

Far too often, our media produce news reports through the narrative of conflict. As we all know, war and perpetual conflict sells and as the news maxim blares, “if it bleeds, it leads.”

There are exceptions to this norm, such as how on June 16, CBC Radio’s “The World This Weekend” news program aired a compelling feature report on a Palestinian transplant recipient who received a kidney from an Israeli donor.

A tragedy that befell an Israeli family led to a new life for a Palestinian boy. The family of a three-year-old Israeli boy who suffered a fatal head injury donated his kidney to a Palestinian boy, uniting the two families and saving the Palestinian boy’s life.

To listen to this report please click here or on the image below:

Journalist Irris Makler’s five minute report highlighted the unique and enduring bond formed between the two families. Sarit Naor, the Israeli boy’s mother said she made no distinction between Israelis and Palestinians when deciding to donate her son’s organs. “For me everyone’s the same, saving a life is what’s important and we did it with love”.
The Palestinian transplant recipient’s mother, Suheila, expressed the hope that “God would give her a new child to ease her pain.” The two families say they are bound by the tragedy and hope the transplant with have a larger effect and provide a much needed spark for peace in the Mideast region.

Credit to the CBC for airing this report that goes beyond the Arab-Israeli conflict, and which highlights the cooperation and human bond that exists among Israelis and Palestinians, which too often goes unreported.

Please commend the CBC and reporter Irris Makler for this June 16 radio report. You can send your considered comments via the CBC’s contact us page.


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