EXCLUSIVE: Dead Palestinian “Medic” Was a Hamas Member – Canadian Media Duped

On May 17, HonestReporting Canada notified senior editors at CBC News, CTV News, the Globe and Mail, and the Toronto Star, about how these media outlets wrongly identified a dead Palestinian as a “medic,” whereas in fact, he wast a member of the Hamas terrorist organization.

The individual in question was named Musa Abuhassanin who was reportedly shot and killed (allegedly by Israeli snipers) after having helped Palestinian-Canadian doctor Tarek Loubani, a well known anti-Israel activist.

The May 17 edition of the Globe and Mail featured a Bob Fife report on page A8 which was chiefly about P.M. Trudeau’s condemnation of Israel and how Loubani claims he was shot in the legs by IDF snipers (Importantly, the culpability of this is still to be determined. To that end, HonestReporting Canada prompted CBC News to issue this clarification and to amend its reporting, which had claimed outright that IDF forces shot Loubani:

Back to Abuhassanin, the Globe and Mail featured this photo in its print edition:

Untold to Globe and Mail readers is that Musa Abuhassanin who was shot and killed, was a Hamas member!

Hamas produced an infographic which acknowledges that Abuhassanin is one of their members. He’s pictured on the top row, 2nd from the right identified by HRC with the red circle. (HonestReporting Canada secured an expert translation of the infographic which describes Abuhassanin as being a “Captain” of Hamas’ “Civil Defense Service” which belongs to the Hamas Ministry of Interior which is responsible for all “security” services.)

Here is a photo of Abuhassanin dropped in a Hamas flag:

CBC Radio’s As It Happens program on May 15 featured an interview
with Dr. Loubani who described Hamas “medic” Musa Abuhassanin as “my rescuer, he was a very bright guy, an incredible man.” Loubani has also described Abuhassanin as having had “had a great laugh and was a good paramedic”.  The CBC As It Happens website describes Abuhassannin only as a “medical volunteer” . Listen to the report below.

On CTV National News on May 15, reporter Joy Malbon said the following: “And the paramedic who treated him (Dr. Tarek Loubani) was later killed.” CTV viewers were told that the man pictured, Musa Abuhassanin, was a “paramedic” who was shot and killed by the Israelis.

CBC National broadcast a segment on May 15 entitled: “Inside Gaza: Fallout from Israel’s lethal response to protests“. The lengthy report was orated by CBC Anchor Rosemary Barton who said the following:

Barton: “He was lucky to have survived in Gaza, the paramedic who rescued him, Musa Abuhassanin, wasn’t.”

Loubani: “About an hour after he rescued me, he was, on another, trying to get another patient and was ended up getting shot in the chest. There was so much fire – live fire – in that area that his colleagues weren’t able to take him out for another 20 minutes and unfortunately he died.”

Watch the report by clicking here. CBC images below:

On May 15, CBC Online published the following report by Paula Duhatschek entitled: “London, Ont., physician Tarek Loubani shot in leg near Gaza border”. The article prominently features the following photograph from Tarek Loubani and caption identifying Abuhassanin as a “medical volunteer”:

The Toronto Star also on May 15 featured a Canadian Press report which described the Hamas terrorist only as a “medical volunteer”.

To date, Tarek Loubani has not commented on the revelation that Abuhassanin was a member of the outlawed terror group Hamas, a man Loubani described as being his “rescuer, he was a very bright guy, an incredible man” who “had a great laugh and was a good paramedic”.

In light of this revelation, it’s of paramount importance that our media reserve judgement and do their due diligence to report the facts once they are established, instead of spreading misinformation and propaganda. HonestReporting Canada has called on all media outlets to identify Musa Abuhassanin as a member of the outlawed terror group Hamas.


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