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Excalibur Writer Justifies Seminary Terror Attack (March 20 2008)

by Mike Fegelman


Excalibur Writer Justifies Seminary Terror Attack

March 20, 2008

By: Mike Fegelman

Dear HonestReporting Canada subscriber:
In York University’s campus newspaper The Excalibur, contributor Lama Aggad yesterday justified the deadly terrorist attack at the Mercaz Harav seminary in Jerusalem while accusing the Israel Defense Forces of carrying out a “Holocaust in Gaza.”
The attack, whose victims were mostly children under the age of 18 engaged in religious study while murdered, left a 14-year-old Israeli-Canadian boy in critical condition with multiple bullet wounds and two broken ankles.
According to Aggad, “it’s no wonder” the students were attacked, because they may eventually serve in the Israel Defense Forces — even though they were in civilian clothes, studying in a religious institution in Jerusalem, far from combat zones.
The full column can be read below or online by clicking here:

While Excalibur editors may argue that they tried to achieve balance by printing an op-ed alongside Aggad’s that denounced the terror attack, there is simply no justification for publishing opinions that brazenly justify the murder of innocent youth. There is an important difference between legitimate opinion that enhances the public discourse, and dangerous rhetoric that interferes with constructive dialogue.
Excalibur’s editors should have determined that Aggad’s piece was not fit for publication so long as it endorsed bloody murder and spewed vicious lies that Israel was committing a “Holocaust in Gaza”. It’s time for the Excalibur to stick to constructive opinion that contributes positively to the marketplace of ideas.
How You Can Make a Difference
Write to the Excalibur, condemn the publication of a column endorsing the murder of innocent children, and ask the paper to issue a formal apology in the next edition.
To contact Excalibur’s Editor-in-Chief, Zalina Alvi, send an email to: editor@excal.on.ca and refer to Lama Aggad’s March 19 column entitled “Jewish attack not a surprise”.
Pointers for contacting Excalibur: State your position clearly in your own words, remain rational and polite, and contact us at action@honestreporting.ca to tell us you took action. To be considered for publication, letters should include sender’s name and contact information for verification purposes.



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