Ex-CBC Reporter Neil Macdonald Laments Death of Saeb Erekat, As Does CBC Seemingly

November 10, 2020

Via Twitter today, ex-CBC reporter Neil Macdonald lamented the death of Palestinian  chief “negotiator” Saeb Erekat.

Known for his anti-Israel bias, Macdonald chose to describe Erekat as a “good, decent man…” Macdonald conveniently forgot the following about Erekat:

  • He led a $400-million Palestinian ‘Pay for Slay’ policy of paying salaries of  terrorists & murderers of Israelis
  • He demanded “right of return” meaning war & ‘s destruction
  • He undermined peace, promoted conflict & terror
  • He promoted the antisemitic BDS movement
  • He spread the Jenin Massacre blood libel
  • He received VIP treatment and died at an Israeli hospital
  • He supported rejectionism, unilateralism, incitement & propaganda

Not surprisingly, Macdonald’s former employer, the CBC, published a report today which lionized Erekat and ignored his anti-peace credentials.


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