Earth to CBC, Anti-Israel "Naqba Day" Rioters Used Violence (May 20, 2011)



Earth to CBC, Anti-Israel “Naqba Day” Rioters Used Violence

By: Mike Fegelman, Executive Director                                                                              May 20, 2011


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Dear HonestReporting Canada Subscriber,

Less than 48 hours ago, CBC Radio promoted a patently false narrative about the “Naqba Day” (catastrophe) attacks that occurred along Israel’s borders this past weekend. CBC Radio’s “As It Happens” program egregiously insinuated that the anti-Israel activists who took part in the recent border skirmishes, all used “non-violent” civil disobedience of the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela and did not deploy real violence against Israeli soldiers.

To recall, in a reckless disregard for human life, Palestinian activists successfully breeched or attempted to invade Israel’s militarized borders with Lebanon, along the Golan Heights, and near Gaza to invade the sovereign state of Israel. In the face of violent mobs, Israeli forces used maximum restraint and protest dispersal methods which actually saved Palestinian lives.

To listen to this report online click here or on the image below.

CBC veteran host Carol Off interviewed Ramallah resident Fadi Quran, one of the social media organizers of the “Naqba protests” and in the introduction and course of this seven minute long interview, this CBC program falsely informed listeners that:

  • There was an “absence of violence” in the altercations
  • “Palestinian protesters abandon(ed) rock-throwing”
  • The protest was “minus violence… Palestinian demonstrators breach the Israeli border, without firing a shot.”
  • “Non-violent protests” were utilized

If violence wasn’t directed against Israeli forces, how can the CBC explain the fact that 3 IDF officers and 10 Israeli soldiers suffered injuries as a result of the attacks? Or, better yet, how can the CBC explain the following documented evidence clearly showing the violence and aggressive intentions of these protestors:


Interestingly, just as with the “Flotilla Fiasco,” when there was clear and incontrovertible documented evidence showing the “activists” using weapons and violent means to maim, kidnap, and kill Israeli soldiers, the world media presented a false narrative that the activists were entirely “non violent.” In these recent border attacks perpetrated by extremist forces, media outlets like the CBC also ignored the growing evidence showing that violence was utilized. The Israeli government made this information readily available to the world media in record time, yet, in a reckless disregard for the truth, the CBC ignored this evidence that was at their disposal.

As Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon said in a protest letter sent to the United Nations:

“Those from enemy countries who breach our borders while using violence and calling for Israel’s destruction, cannot be considered innocent, but an immediate and present danger to the citizens of Israel. Every sovereign state has a moral obligation to defend itself, a right that is anchored in the UN charter.”

As this CBC report falsely claimed that zero violence was used by the anti-Israel rioters, listeners were only able to deduce that Israeli forces had intentionally fired on and killed innocent Palestinian civilians. To put this into correct context and proper perspective, this CBC report has essentially accused Israel of carrying out war crimes and crimes against humanity.

How You Can Make A Difference:

We strongly encourage all HonestReporting Canada subscribers to call on the CBC to apologize and to issue an on-air retraction to remedy their erroneous reporting which falsely claimed that the anti-Israel mob had used only “non-violence,” despite the glaring evidence to the contrary. Please refer to the May 18 broadcast of CBC’s “As It Happens” program hosted by Carol Off.

Please file your complaint on the CBC’s online feedback form here:




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