Day 6 Radio Program – A Subject Of Frequent HRC Alerts – Provides Sympathetic Coverage To Family Of Israeli Hostage

March 6, 2024

The CBC radio program Day 6, hosted by Brent Bambury, has been the subject of numerous HonestReporting Canada alerts in recent months for its problematic coverage of the Hamas-Israel war.

However, a segment broadcast on March 1 provided an important opportunity for listeners to learn about Israeli hostages still being held by Hamas, and the human toll it is taking.

In the introduction, Bambury told listeners about Hamas’ kidnappings, and the “ongoing struggle to bring the hostages home” by their relatives.

On that edition of Day 6, Gil Dikman, a representative of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum in Israel, spoke for about four minutes about the impact of Hamas’ terrorism on his family.

On October 7, the day thousands of Hamas terrorists marauded throughout southern Israel, torturing, raping, murdering, dismembering and kidnapping as many innocent civilians as they could find, those affected weren’t just numbers, but real people.

That day, “they first took my aunt Kinneret and murdered her…then they took my cousin, Carmel Gat,” Dikman said on the program.

Dikman spoke about his cousin Carmel Gat, 39, who was kidnapped on October 7 by Hamas terrorists, and that her condition and whereabouts remain unknown, telling listeners that “we don’t really know if Carmel is dead or alive.”

Dikman spoke about a recent march from southern Israel to Jerusalem by families of hostages and their families, in their efforts to raise awareness for those kidnapped by Hamas five months ago.

Providing coverage of the more than 100 Israeli hostages still being kept by Hamas in the Gaza Strip is not just a matter of providing balanced coverage to the public, although it is absolutely imperative that both sides are being given a platform.

Even more importantly, when the public is reminded of the fact that Hamas, not Israel, launched the current war on October 7 with an unprovoked massacre – the largest mass killing of Jews since the end of the Holocaust – they can recognize that Hamas made the conscious decision to begin the war.

Furthermore, every single day that Hamas refuses to free the hostages is another day that the terrorist group decides to perpetuate the war and the suffering of its own people, rather than stop the fighting from continuing.

While the March 1 segment did not delve into the full details of Hamas’ ideology and its vision for the violent destruction of Israel, the more that the Canadian public can learn, and in turn appreciate, the true nature of Hamas and its grotesque practice of taking hostages and keeping them for months at a time in deplorable conditions (a bona fide war crime), the more that the general public can appreciate the true context of the war, and understand that Hamas, not Israel, is the instigator and the culprit causing suffering on both sides.

Notwithstanding the other instances of problematic coverage by the Day 6 program, it is noteworthy and laudable that the March 1 edition featured the family of an Israeli hostage.


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