HRC Subscriber Published In The Hill Times: Netanyahu Isn’t Down For The Count

On June 5, HRC subscriber Larry Shapiro’s letter was published in The Hill Times, after HonestReporting Canada published an alert regarding a May 27 column by Gwynne Dyer, who cynically ignored Hamas’ efforts to stop aid from reaching the civilian population in Gaza, and gave undue credibility to a recent International Criminal Court ruling calling […]

A Muslim Winnipegger With Mental Health Challenges Died By Suicide; A Local Muslim Group Irresponsibly Blamed Israel, Amplified By CBC & Winnipeg Free Press

On Saturday, June 15, a young Syrian member of Winnipeg’s Muslim community who was reportedly suffering from mental health challenges died by suicide by setting himself on fire inside the Winnipeg Grand Mosque. While the suicide would ordinarily be a tragedy for the family and for the community, a prominent Winnipeg Muslim organization quickly used […]

Toronto Star Publishes Massive 4,000 Word Sympathetic Portrayal Of University Of Toronto Hate Mob, While Largely Ignoring Pro-Israel Event With 1,000 Times More People

Anti-Israel bias in the Canadian news media doesn’t just exist in what is written or reported, or even how it is reported, but what the news media chooses to ignore. On June 9, an estimated 50,000 people, including city councilors, Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and Members of Parliament (MPs) marched in the annual Walk […]

In Globe and Mail, HRC Says Anti-Zionism = Antisemitism

On June 15, the Globe and Mail published a letter to the editor from Lauren Weinberg, a representative of the anti-Israel group “Independent Jewish Voices,” a radical organization viewed as a pariah by the entire mainstream Jewish community for its repeated support for antisemites, terrorists and for its tokenization of Jewish identity to silence the views of the community as a whole. […]