Vancouver-Based Adbusters Magazine Publishes Repulsive Anti-Israel & Antisemitic Propaganda

Based in Vancouver, Adbusters has a long history of publishing content which has been accused of antisemitism. In 2004, the anti-consumerist/activist magazine was condemned by Canadian Jewish groups, including HonestReporting Canada, for running a list of influential neo-conservative U.S. policymakers and placing an asterisk next to the Jewish names. In 2010, Adbusters published an antisemitic […]

CBC Music Airs Song Suggesting Israel Lines Up Palestinian Children Against A Wall

On December 24, CBC Radio broadcast a 2019 Christmas special with musicians the Good Lovelies who sang songs from their Christmas album at a concert in Stratford, Ontario. Of all the songs that could be sung, they included this gem by Anaïs Mitchell suggesting that Israel lines Palestinian children up against a wall near Bethlehem […]

Israel Is Not The Grinch That Destroyed Christmas

Christmas Day is approaching, and for millions of Canadians, that means time spent with family and friends, gift giving and an opportunity to appreciate the simpler things in life. But for many media outlets, December 25 also represents an opportunity to report on the historic city of Bethlehem, an important site for Christianity. But rather […]

Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che Obsesses Over Israel Once Again

Only a few months after tacitly accusing Israel of providing Covid vaccines only to its Jewish population, Michael Che of Saturday Night Live (SNL) is at it again. In a recent episode, Che made a snide comment about Jews, once again under the pretense of humour, claiming that Jewish people in Israel can’t make wine. […]