HRC In National Post: “Iranian Nuclear Deal Was Never Going to Work”

Today, the National Post prominently featured an HonestReporting Canada op-ed that exposed the fundamental flaws of the JCPOA, also known as the Iran Nuclear Deal, an agreement which didn’t block Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, it only delayed it and accelerated its atomic ambitions. Read our full op-ed on the Post’s website or immediately below. […]

Globe and Mail Gives Platform to Anti-Israel COVID Vaccine Smear

Following in the footsteps of CBC News who adopted the canard that Israel denied Palestinians the COVID-19 vaccine, on January 9, the Globe and Mail gave a platform to this anti-Israel smear. Mark Mackinnon, the Globe’s former Middle East bureach chief, wrote an article entitled: “Netanyahu revels in Israel’s COVID-19 vaccine successes, though the campaign […]

HRC in Times of Israel: “Where’s The Outrage: Jews Attacked Over Chanukkah”

Read our commentary on the Times of Israel website or immediately below. For more than two thousand years, Jews around the world have celebrated Chanukkah, the festival of lights, which commemorates their triumph in thwarting the ancient Greek empire who tried to forcibly assimilate the Jewish population of the Levant in 165 BCE. Since then, […]

Toronto Star Headline Implicitly Casts Doubt About Palestinian Terror Attack

Update: January 14, 2021: Following HRC’s conveying our concerns to Toronto Star editors about this report, the myopic headline has since been amended to remove the word “alleged” when describing the Palestinian terror shooting attack. Original Alert: December 22, 2020: Israeli police say a Palestinian terrorist fired at officers in Jerusalem’s Old City on December […]

UPDATED: CBC Wrongly Portrays Israel As Intransigent to Peace with the Palestinians

UPDATE: December 27, 2020: After a CBC report unfairly portrayed Israel as being averse to engaging in peace talks with the Palestinians, HRC liaised with senior executives at CBC News pointing out that Israel has always extended its hand for peace and had long called for the resumption of talks without preconditions. CBC News agreed […]