Toronto Star Headline Implicitly Casts Doubt About Palestinian Terror Attack

Update: January 14, 2021: Following HRC’s conveying our concerns to Toronto Star editors about this report, the myopic headline has since been amended to remove the word “alleged” when describing the Palestinian terror shooting attack. Original Alert: December 22, 2020: Israeli police say a Palestinian terrorist fired at officers in Jerusalem’s Old City on December […]

UPDATED: CBC Wrongly Portrays Israel As Intransigent to Peace with the Palestinians

UPDATE: December 27, 2020: After a CBC report unfairly portrayed Israel as being averse to engaging in peace talks with the Palestinians, HRC liaised with senior executives at CBC News pointing out that Israel has always extended its hand for peace and had long called for the resumption of talks without preconditions. CBC News agreed […]

HRC Calls Out Columnist for Anti-Israel Views in Prince George Citizen

“When Israel is compared, not to other nation-states around the world, but to a crime against humanity, it is antisemitism. When Israel’s very existence as the independent homeland of the Jewish people is denied, it is antisemitism. And when Israel faces criticism that no other country in the world is subjected to, that’s antisemitism as […]

Toronto Star Columnist Blames Israel for “State-Sponsored Terrorism” In Killing of Iranian Nuclear (Weapon) Scientist/Terrorist

There is no moral equivalence between an arsonist and a firefighter, despite Tony Burman’s flawed and dangerous reasoning. Take action now: Send your considered comments to the Toronto Star to rebut Burman’s claim that Israel allegedly committed “state-sponsored terrorism” in the assassination of Iranian Brigadier General/nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

HRC In The Post Millennial: The US Must Stay Trump’s Course in the Mideast

In The Post Millennial today, HRC Marketing and Community Relations Associate Rob Walker says that: With only two months left until a new Biden government takes charge, and though the coming administration may be tempted to veer away from Trump’s policies in the Middle East, a sanguine news analysis should come to the conclusion that […]