CBC Issues Clarification: Israel Disputes UN Figures on Gaza Casualties

On December 19, CBC.ca published a report from the Canadian Press which stated the following: “The 50-day war between Israel and the Islamic militant group Hamas left more than 2,100 Palestinians dead, most of them civilians, says the UN. In Israel, 72 people were killed, most of them soldiers.” What wasn’t mentioned in this report is […]

Harper Tells it Like it is in Globe Interview

In explaining why he still wants to be Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper said the following in an interview with the Globe and Mail: “And another has been not just the stance defending Israel but frankly an understanding of the risks that radical jihad presents not just to Israel but to all of us who […]

HRC Commentary in National Post: With Friends Like Jordan, Israel Doesn’t Need Enemies

In an HRC commentary published in the National Post today, HRC points out that the tensions that Jordan has exacerbated with Israel have only served to undermine its long-standing peace treaty with the Jewish state. Read it in full immediately below or by clicking here. National Post: Mike Fegelman: “With Friends Like Jordan, Israel doesn’t […]

Palestinian Unilateralism is Latest Manifestation of Palestinian Rejectionism

In the unyielding quest towards reaching a final resolution to the impasse between Palestinians and Israelis, it’s widely understood that the path to Mideast peace must see an independent, democratic, and demilitarized Palestinian state exist alongside Israel, recognized as the Jewish state and with ironclad security guarantees that produce secure and recognized borders. The two-state […]