Globe Corrects False Claim that Israel is Building "1,400 New Settlements"

On December 28, HonestReporting Canada asked the Globe and Mail to issue a correction notice and amend its online article which falsely asserted that day that Israel is building “1,400 new settlements.” Contrary to this headline and as the Reuters article itself confirms, new homes are being built solely within the boundaries of existing settlements […]

In a La Presse Commentary, HRC Sets the Record Straight on the Begin-Prawer Plan

French version follows English: A narrative of “confiscation” and “forced exile” characterized a November 30 article in La Presse on the cancellation of Israel’s Bedouin settlement  proposal. Unfortunately, while it excelled in rhetoric, this article failed to adequately convey the objectives of the Begin Prawer plan. HRC contacted La Presse with a request to set […]

PRIMER: Christianity's Savior in the Middle East — Israel

 With one exception, Christians throughout the countries of the Middle East are at risk or on the run, their churches burned, their property expropriated, their personal safety in peril from thugs intent on beatings, rapes, and murders. The one exception — where Christians flee to rather than from, where they increase rather than decrease in […]