HRC Secures Correction on CBC Online

Yesterday’s edition of CBC Online carried a report that erroneously claimed that: "Israel has said the units (in Har Homa) only extend existing settlements, are not covered by the road map.? Contrary to this statement, Israel never claimed that the new apartment units "extend existing settlements," this language in fact, specifically goes against the Israeli […]

HRC Secures Correction in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix

On Sat. December 22, the Saskatoon Star Phoenix carried a Reuters report which erroneously claimed that: "Hamas regularly launches mortar bombs into Israel. Israel pulled troops and settlers out of Gaza in 2005 but still controls its borders." Contrary to this statement, Israel has no control over the Gaza-Egypt border. As this Associated Press article […]

Christmas in the Holy Land: A Year-End Bias Study

Canadian media outlets continue to misrepresent "Christmas in the Holy Land" and use it as an oppertunity to malign Israel year after year. Read more of HonestReporting Canada’s year-end bias study by clicking below.

Christmas in the Holy Land: A Year-End Bias Study (December 27 2007)

  Christmas in the Holy Land: A Year-End Bias Study December 27, 2007 By: Mike Fegelman Dear HonestReporting Canada subscriber: Every Christmas, journalists descend on Bethlehem, speak with the mayor, conduct person-in-the-street interviews with pilgrims, and report on tourist activities and religious festivities. Many of the resulting news reports falsely implicate Israel for the economic, […]

CBC Uses the T-word Again

CBC simply couldn’t resist calling the 1998 Omagh bombing a "Terrorist" attack. According to the CBC anchor today: (Listen here) "A not guilty verdict in Northern Ireland’s deadliest terror attack, the 1998 bombing that killed 29 people in Omagh. A judge aquits the only man ever charged." Why isn’t the CBC’s "T-word" policy applied uniformly?

Always a "Terrorist" But Sometimes a "Militant"

On December 11, CBC covered a ruthless terrorist attack by Al Qaeda in Algeria. To its credit, the CBC did in fact label the truck bombings ?terrorist attacks,? but today, a report on CBC Online shows that the Corporation has reverted back to its old editorial polices after we criticized the network for its double […]