Journalists Not Safe in Gaza: RWB

The Jerusalem Post picked up on a new report by Reporters Without Borders (RWB) which stated that "Journalists are no longer safe in the Gaza Strip". According to the Post: "RWB… scathed Palestinian factions ‘that do not hesitate to target media that criticize them.’" "In the past year, ‘Palestinian militants caused damage to seven news […]

Haroon Siddiqui Responds

In response to Lorrie Goldstein’s column in the Toronto Sun, Toronto Star editor emeritus, Haroon Siddiqui offered his own two cents in the Sun’s Saturday edition: "I am thankful to Lorrie Goldstein for publicizing my Toronto Star column on Yehuda Shaul, executive director of Break the Silence, an Israel group of ex-soldiers critical of the […]

Toronto Sun Columnist Comments on Siddiqui

We’re not the only ones who took issue with Haroon Siddiqui’s recent column. Toronto Sun associate editor Lorrie Goldstein also weighed in: "Finally, we have Star columnist Haroon Siddiqui’s Sunday piece about an ex-Israeli soldier who heads an organization which argues the occupation is turning Israeli soldiers into brutal thugs. Again, no mention of Palestinian […]

New Action Alert: Haroon Siddiqui Strikes Again

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Haroon Siddiqui Strikes Again (December 20, 2006)

Haroon Siddiqui Strikes Again December 20, 2006 Dear HonestReporting Canada subscriber: Last week, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas made an astounding admission: “Gaza is free of occupation, but there are no investors and no prosperity. We dreamed that [Gaza] would prosper and dozens of investors from all over the world came to Gaza. Nothing has come […]

Major Dailies Comment on Palestinian "Civil War"

As Gaza continued its slide toward all-out civil war, editorial writers at major Canadian dailies weighed in on the latest developments: National Post: Gaza ignites ? Dec. 18/06"As usual when the region’s Arab hotheads reach for their guns and bombs, it is ordinary Palestinians who will suffer most. The only consolation is that, with Hamas […]