CTV Wrongly Claims Tel Aviv is Israel’s Capital, not Jerusalem

January 14, 2013


At a time when Winter storms were taking a toll across the Middle East with Israel being deluged by rain, floods, and snow, CTV committed a capital offense by claiming that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital, not Jerusalem.

At various times and on several regional CTV stations on January 8, CTV reported that: “… Tel Aviv is dealing with a heavy rain situation. the storms flooded roads and brought chaos to the Israeli capital…

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Contrary to CTV’s claims, Jerusalem was designated as Israel’s capital in 1950 and while most countries, including Canada, locate their embassies in Tel Aviv due to the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians, claiming that Israel’s financial centre is its capital, only serves to deligitimize Israel’s own assigned capital, Jerusalem and to promote a falsehood. Indeed, Jerusalem has been unified for 46 years and has been Jewish for over 3,000 years.

Recently, our international affiliate HonestReporting.com launched legal proceedings forcing the Guardian to retract its claim that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel. The Guardian’s retraction acknowledged that : “we accept that it is wrong to state that Tel Aviv – the country’s financial and diplomatic centre – is the capital.” Working with Asserson Law Offices, Israel’s leading English law firm, HR also prompted the Press Complaints Commission to issue a precedent-setting ruling noting that The Guardian had violated principles of accuracy when it stated that Tel Aviv was the capital of Israel.

Weather bias against Israel was also prevalent when HR noted that Yahoo Weather once divided Jerusalem into “West Jerusalem” and “East Jerusalem”. The weather application did not reference Jerusalem alone as simply existing. HR’s efforts also recently prompted Microsoft to revise its latest operating system for the Weather App that comes pre-installed on Windows 8 to ensure that “Jerusalem, Israel” is now available.

As to CTV News’ capital offense, we felt it was important that the network acknowledge its error in referring to Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital. We have called on CTV President Wendy Freeman to issue an on-air correction. We are hopeful that an editorial directive for such action will be forthcoming and we will continue to keep you updated on this matter.

In the meantime, if you would like to send your considered and courteous comments to CTV News, please email Ms. Wendy Freeman directly at: Wendy.Freeman@bellmedia.ca.


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