CTV News, National Post, & Toronto Star Publish Misleading Report About Death Of Palestinian Man

July 27, 2023

UPDATE: We are pleased to note after lodging a complaint with the National Post, they have now amended their headline to acknowledge that the dead Palestinian man was an “alleged Palestinian gunman” and also included the IDF’s statement that the Palestinian man was armed and fired towards IDF officers in their article. We thank the National Post for taking immediate corrective action.


On July 26, CTV News, The Toronto Star, and The National Post published a report by the Associated Press entitled: “Palestinian man killed by Israeli troops during arrest raid in West Bank refugee camp”.


Untold in this headline or in the body of the report, Israel contends that the dead Palestinian man was actually a gunman. According to a Times of Israel report, the IDF said Palestinian gunmen opened fire toward Israeli forces, and rioters hurled stones and other objects. In response, IDF forces returned fire and hit an armed terrorist who had fired toward them.

CTV News, The National Post and The Toronto Star’s report only said: “During the incident, Mohammed Nada, 23, was shot in the chest and later died of his wounds, the Palestinian health ministry said.”

It’s imperative that Israel’s claim of the dead Palestinian being an armed combatant is included in the context of the headline and in the body of the article. Failing which, readers will be misled into believing that Israel wrongly killed an innocent Palestinian civilian, which nothing is further from the truth.

Accordingly, we are of the view that corrective action should be implemented immediately and have lodged a complaint with each publication asking for immediate remediation.

Stay tuned to this page for future updates.


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