CP24 Fails To Mention Two Palestinians Killed By IDF Were Terrorists

May 16, 2023

On May 13 at 11:18 AM, CP24 broadcasted a report that failed to mention that two Palestinians who were killed by IDF forces were actually terrorists. CP24’s anchor stated the following: “Meanwhile, the Israeli military has raided a refugee camp in the west bank killing two Palestinians, at least three other Palestinians were wounded…”

The headline of the CP24 report stated: “Two Palestinians killed during raid in the West Bank”.

Untold by CP24, but as reported by the Jerusalem Post, Israeli security forces raided a terrorist safe house in the Balata Refugee Camp in Nablus on Saturday. Two Palestinian gunmen – Adnan Wassim Yousef Al-Araj, 19, and Saed Jihad Shaker Masha, 32 – were killed in a firefight. The Times of Israel also noted that: “Amid the raid, Palestinian gunmen opened fire at troops, and others hurled explosive devices, the IDF said.”

This context deserves to be clarified by CP24, failing which, viewers may wrongly conclude that two presumably innocent Palestinian civilians were killed by Israeli forces when nothing was further from the truth.

HonestReporting Canada has filed a complaint with CP24 asking for an immediate on-air clarification to bring context to this incident and to set the record straight.

We look forward to their reply. Stay tuned to this page for updates.


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