Coverage of Six Day War's 40th Anniversary

News worthy of a listening ear: On CBC Sunday Edition, host Michael Enright takes a look at the Six Day War.  According to the CBC promo:

6daywar "Although it was actually over in the first forty-five minutes.  Israel defeated the Arab armies allied against it forty years ago next week, and found itself the occupier of a huge spread of captured territory. But according to Tom Segev, it was a Pyrrhic victory that has costs Israel much more than it gained, and has left hundred of thousands of frustrated Palestinians without a homeland."

Catch coverage of the program right after the 9 a.m. news (9:30 NT) on CBC Radio One. 

Also on Sunday, CBC World This Weekend with host Lorna Jackson takes a "walking tour like none other…filled with tension and emotion as Jewish people are taken for a walk around Palestinian communities where they meet and mingle with Arabs.  As the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War approaches, it’s becoming a very popular tour."

Hear that report Sunday on The World This Weekend with guest host Marcia William, at 6:00 pm (7 AT; 7:30 NT) on CBC Radio One and on Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 137.

Television that matters: PBS is airing the documentary film ?Six Days in June? on Monday June 4 from 9-11pm (EST). According to the Globe and Mail’s Henrieta Walmark: "this film re-examines the Six Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbours in light of new research, and explores how the events of 1967 helped to shape the Middle East we know today."

For a better read: The Globe & Mail’s editorial pages editor, Marcus Gee, takes a look at the implications of the Six Day War, 40 years later.  Read his latest column here.


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