Coming to a Theatre Near You: Jerusalem in 3D

August 30, 2011

Starting in 2013, it will be larger than life – and 3D – at movie theaters in 35 countries.

Swooping over the Old City, with bird’s eye views in eye popping 3D projected onto a giant screen, JERUSALEM: IMAX 3D promises to offer stunning panoramas, vivid colors, “very visceral and emotive” as producer and writer Daniel Ferguson puts it.

According to the producers, the goal is to create an all inclusive view of Jerusalem: its history, its geography, and its people – all in a 45-minute presentation that needs to stay current enough to be shown in museums across the world for the next five or 10 years, and that is unbiased enough to be shown in cinemas in the 35 countries with IMAX theaters including Israel, Kuwait, China and the US.

Read more and see trailer at:  Jpost


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