Columnist Gwynne Dyer Peddles Unhinged & Unsubstantiated Conspiracy Theory That Israel “Let Hamas Carry Out” Oct. 7 Massacres

April 18, 2024

Like a moth to a flame, commentator Gwynne Dyer has found it extraordinarily difficult to avoid peddling utter nonsense, week after week.

Dyer, a London-based syndicated columnist, recently penned an opinion column on April 15 entitled: “A pantomime crisis, not a real war,” which was published in The Hill Times, Winnipeg Free Press, Hamilton Spectator, Waterloo Record, The Telegram, St. Catharines Standard and Peterborough Examiner.

Virtually the entirety of Dyer’s column carries unsubstantiated allegations, lacking any source or evidence.

Dyer confidently claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “does want a bigger war” with Iran, ludicrously sharing his groundless and unhinged conspiracy theory that “he let Hamas carry out a horrific attack on Israel” on October 7, the biggest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

As he often does in his columns, Dyer produces no evidence to buttress his absurd conspiracies, preferring loquaciousness to factual accuracy.

Dyer characterized the targeted assassination of senior Iranian military leaders on April 1 in the Syrian capital of Damascus, which is suspected to be the work of Israel, as an “unprovoked missile attack.”

Conveniently, Dyer failed to mention that the targeted killing was anything but unprovoked. One of those killed in the extremely precise hit was Mohammad Reza Zahedi, an Iranian general who occupied a senior position in the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its Quds Force, the body which oversees Iran’s external terrorism and which is banned by the Canadian government as a terrorist organization.

Iran is the key patron of Hamas, Hezbollah and other Islamic terrorist groups, providing extensive funding, arms and training.

Moreover, Zahedi was directly involved in the planning and execution of Hamas’ October 7 attacks, but Dyer’s column failed to mention Zahedi, let alone provide any background as to why Israel’s alleged targeting of him was anything but “unprovoked.”

Dyer’s seeming aversion to factual accuracy manifested throughout his column, referring to the suspected Israeli strike on “the Iranian embassy,” writing that “embassies are regarded as sovereign territory of the country that owns them.”

However, the Iranian embassy in Damascus was not struck; it was a building adjacent to Iran’s embassy, an enormous distinction which Dyer either fails to understand or otherwise choose to ignore.

For Dyer, it seems, Iran can fund, train and arm Hamas, and one its most senior military generals can take a leading role in Hamas’ October 7 massacres, all without consequence. But should Israel dare to take action against an architect of that bloody terrorist attack, it is “unprovoked” and an invitation to greater war.

Like many other commentators, Dyer also gullibly repeated false accusations of “famine” in Gaza, wholly ignoring that more food aid is entering the coastal enclave now than before the war began more than six months ago, and that extensive evidence demonstrates that food is plentiful and widely available within Gaza.

Gwynne Dyer’s latest column, where he peddled an unhinged and unsubstantiated conspiracy theory claiming that Israel “let Hamas carry out” the October 7 massacres and which blamed Israel for Iran’s aggression towards the Jewish State, is just the most recent in a relentless stream of circular reasoning, baseless conspiracy theories, and victim-blaming from the commentator.

Accordingly, Dyer’s column was not worthy of publication by the following seven reputable Canadian newspapers.

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