Columnist Gwynne Dyer Authors Unhinged Conspiracy Theory That Israel Is The “Tail That Wags The American Dog”

June 25, 2024

There is no shortage of outlandish and baseless allegations made about Israel, ranging from those which seek to deny the Jewish People’s three thousand years of habitation in their historic homeland, those which falsely accuse Jerusalem of non-existent crimes, and a host of other accusations.

But in a category entirely on its own is the claim that Israel, the world’s only Jewish State, is the puppet-master controlling the United States, for its own selfish and nefarious purposes. The conspiracy theory is just a modern-day iteration of the historic lie parroted by antisemites that the Jews controlled the levers of world power.

In his June 20-24 opinion column which appeared in The Waterloo Record, The Hill Times, the Hamilton Spectator, and The Telegram, London-based syndicated columnist Gwynne Dyer – a habitual anti-Israel antagonist – made this ridiculous claim.

Dyer’s spreading bold falsehoods is in-line with his previous columns, one on April 15 which peddled an unhinged and unsubstantiated conspiracy theory which claimed that Israel “let Hamas carry out” the October 7 massacres, and another on May 13 which drew an odious moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas. Meanwhile, Dyer’s May 27 column unsurprisingly called for support for attempts to arrest Israeli leaders.

Like most of Dyer’s commentaries, his latest column entitled: “Could an end be in sight in the Israel-Palestine conflict thanks to the looming U.S. election?” is a meandering stream-of-consciousness covering a range of issues throughout the Middle East, but frequently coming back to a favourite topic of his, Israel.

But it is Dyer’s unfounded accusation that Israel has found “long running success as the tail that wags the American dog” which is particularly repugnant.

Incredibly, Dyer did not actually articulate in what respect he believes Israel is the tail that wages the proverbial dog, but even a cursory review of the facts offers no credibility to that conspiracy theory.

Israel is a tiny country, slightly larger in land area than Lake Ontario, with about 10 million people. The United States is the world’s pre-eminent economic and military superpower, with a land mass almost 450 times bigger, and with around 34 times the population.

While the United States has served as a critical ally and supporter of Israel, that is a far cry from claiming that it does so because Israel somehow controls it. In fact, evidence since the Hamas massacres of October 7 show this claim to be utter bunkum.

Observers have pointed out that Israel’s long-promised counter-terrorism efforts against Hamas in southern Gaza appear to have been delayed following intense American pressure, and which was smaller-scale than was originally planned.

Even as international humanitarian aid poured into Gaza, intense American pressure on Israel was apparent, as was the obvious ability of Washington to force Jerusalem to take actions which the Americans wanted. Only hours after an April phone call between U.S. President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel opened yet another crossing for the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Beyond the total lack of any evidence behind the claims that Israel is the “tail that wags the American dog,” as Dyer put it, is the author’s apparent inability to grasp how any government could possibly support Israel, believing that apparently only a conspiracy theory could answer this conundrum.

Dyer need not be confused, nor need he resort to conspiratorial thinking. Israel, despite its small size, is a liberal democratic state amid a sea of despotic, often fanatical, regimes. It is a stable, affluent society and one which, cultural differences aside, strongly resembles modern Western societies. It should come as little wonder, then, why Israel is a natural ally of any Western country. The bigger question, however, is why Dyer seems unable to understand this.

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