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Chronicle Herald Gives a Platform to a Novice Apologist

by Mike Fegelman

Milestompkins The Chronicle Herald gave Miles Tompkins (pictured left), a Nova Scotia physiotherapist, who as far as we can tell has no credentials on Middle Eastern issues, op-ed space where he stated the following outrageous canards: "80 per cent of the wall was constructed on Palestinian land? and the ?Wall is no security impulse.?

Tompkins was replying to a recent column by the Herald’s Paul Schneidereit where he declared that the Israeli security barrier has saved hundreds of lives and that Israel’s security was "a basic human impulse."

Tompkins appears to be an apologist for Palestinian terrorism, as he failed to reference the very raison d’etre of the barrier, which as its namesake implies was implemented to prevent terrorist infiltrations.

More alarming though was how a respected Canadian newspaper gave influential and expensive column inches to an individual who lacks any serious credentials on Israel and the Middle East and whose screed contained inflammatory allegations and grossly erroneous content.

Please write articulate letters voicing concern to the Chronicle Herald for giving a platform to a novice apologist.  Write letters to: letters@herald.ca

Please let us know that you took action.  Send copies of your letters to action@honestreporting.ca



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