CBC's The Hour Profiles Israeli Victim of Terror

Cbcthehour George Stroumboulopoulos, host of CBC’s The Hour, did a fascinating interview with Kinneret Boosany, an Israeli victim of terror, who in 2001 was "pronounced clinically dead" after a suicide bomber walked into her cafe in Tel Aviv and blew himself up.

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"Bombings are part of life in Israel. Suicide bombers, rocket attacks — the threat is always there. We’ve got a woman who knows that first hand. Kinneret Haya Boosany. It was 2001, and in one instant, her life was changed forever. A suicide bomber walked into her cafe. After that bombing, Kinneret was pronounced clinically dead. She was revived and put into a coma for 5 months. 70 per cent of her body was burned, she lost her sight in one eye, she was deaf in one ear, and missing half a lung. The story of her recovery is told in a documentary called ‘Kinneret Lives.’  In the film, she makes video diaries about what she went through. They’re raw, sometimes hopeful and painful."

Watch the full interview here


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