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CBC's Surprising Qassam Context

by Mike Fegelman

Qassam We have criticized the Canadian media’s scant coverage of Qassam attacks on Sderot in the past.  What is a daily occurrence in this Israeli city is contstanly overlooked by the media.

We were very pleased to see this surprising context from CBC Radio’s The World This Hour.  According to host Marcia Williams:

?The sound of Palestinian Qassam rockets landing in Sderot. The town just outside the Gaza border is under attack for the 2nd straight day, two people were injured.  The border town has been hit by more than 4,000 rockets since 2001.  Some fear this is an effort to get Israel embroiled in the clash between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza.?

Listen to this very revealing report here:

Likewise check out HonestReporting.com’s latest alert: "Buried by the Media: Watch Sderot Under Attack" to understand the full gravity of Hamas’s latest escalation.



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