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CBC's Fictious Meeting Between Olmert & Meshaal

by Mike Fegelman

Cbcthepeaceplayers_3 CBC Online issued a new section to their In-Depth Middle East web page that reported on an event that never happened.

The new section entitled: "The peace players" discusses several key individuals who are involved in the quagmire that is the Middle East.

Meshaalcp210230_2 Specifically the report profiled Khaled Meshaal (pictured left), Hamas’s exiled leader living in Damascus, which erroneously stated the following:

"Khaled Meshaal, a Palestinian who is on Israel’s most-wanted list and is said to live largely in seclusion in Syria, had a rare face-to-face meeting with Olmert in Egypt back in April."

Contrary to this statement, the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert never met with Meshaal, who is the mastermind of numerous terrorist attacks and as this CBC report noted: ?is on Israel?s most wanted list.?

Instead, the face-to-face meeting saw Meshaal meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Cairo. According to this Haaretz report: 

?Abbas’ comments came after a Saturday meeting with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo, which on Friday hosted a rare face-to-face meeting between Abbas and the exiled Hamas political chief, Khaled Meshal. It was the first meeting of the two since their sides joined in a coalition government in March.?

As a result of this error, CBC news erroneously implied that the Israeli government met with the head of a terrorist organization, such a statement is a glaring contradiction of official Israeli policy which calls for no contacts with representatives of terrorist organizations.  Likewise, the CBC reported on an event that never occurred; such an error is a serious violation of the CBC?s standards of journalism and practices.

HonestReporting Canada has contacted editors at CBC News Online requesting a correction notice be issued to their online Corrections page.



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