CBC's Environmental Fallout

January 12, 2007

Nahlahayed3_2CBC‘s Lebanon-based correspondent Nahlah Ayed filed a report on Sunday about the environmental fallout from this summer’s conflict with Israel. Focusing on a nature reserve called Palm Islands, Ayed reported that:

"AYED: During the summer was between Israel and Hezbollah, Israeli jets bombed an electrical power plant at Jiyyeh, south of Beirut, spilling 15,000 tons of heavy fuel oil into the sea. The spill hit more than 100 km. of Lebanon’s long coast. A local NGO that’s monitoring the clean-up plans to sue Israel for the damage

WAEL HMAIDEN, GREENLINE: …which we will suffer for decades. Our children, our environment, is destroyed, and that’s why we’re gonna prepare a legal case to hold Israel responsible for this disaster."


While Ayed’s report included political components — Israeli military actions and Israel’s alleged responsibility for the disaster — there was no attempt to balance the political aspect with Israel’s perspective. And we’ve seen no CBC follow-up coverage since the summer war about the damage to Israel’s north during the war and its reconstruction. And CBC continues to avoid covering the daily rocket attacks from Gaza against southern Israel, which cause destruction, injury and the occasional death.

To contact CBC about this inequity, call 1-866-306-4636, use CBC’s online feedback form, or email audience_relations@cbc.ca.


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