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CBC Wrongly Paints Israel as Palestinian Child Abusers

by Mike Fegelman

In our guest commentary published in the Toronto Sun today, we countered CBC As It Happens false portrayal of Israel on March 13 as abusers of Palestinian children.

CBC failed to tell its listeners that had Palestinian leaders and parents repudiated violence, taken steps to prevent terror attacks carried out by its minors, and used its security apparatus to detain children who commit terror, Israel wouldn’t be forced into such a predicament birthed and borne from Palestinian society.

To listen to the AIH podcast which wrongly painted Israel as Palestinian child abusers please click here.

To read our op-ed by Mike Fegelman, HRC’s Executive Director, please see below:



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Mickey Oberman March 24, 2013 - 10:08 am

Carol Off, indeed. Whenever she presents her listeners with a segment about Israel one can hear the venomous hatred in her voice. That she can’t cover up nor lie about. Anything else is fair game for her lurid lies.

Anonymous March 28, 2013 - 8:17 pm

Fegelman’s response is on the side of truth. Too bad about the CBC with its willful ignorance. Each instance of propaganda further entrenches the utter moral failure of the CBC in its attempts to advance the cause of evil – in this case the common random murder of Israelis. Just now there is a two-year old girl called Adele fighting for her life from a rock attack – her crime being who she is: Jewish.

The network HAS to be aware of these everyday events – they are getting paid to know, and if they don’t, why? I am an amateur and I know far more than these faux-“journalists”.

And why are my tax dollars paying for these people of the CBC and their disgusting organization?


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