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CBC Wrongly Claims Israel Killed 30 Palestinian “Demonstrators”

by Mike Fegelman
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On April 11, HonestReporting Canada filed a complaint with CBC News requesting that a report published the previous day on the CBC website which wrongly claimed that Israel killed “30 (Palestinian) demonstrators” be corrected.

The CBC’s article which was sourced by Reuters news agency erroneously states the following about recent clashes along the Gaza-Israel border:

Its release followed a surge in Palestinian protests at the Gaza border in which 30 demonstrators have been killed by the army.”

Importantly, there’s no foundation to the CBC’s claiming that all of the Palestinian deaths were “demonstrators”. In fact, as the Jerusalem Post reports:

A report by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center said that 26 of the 32 Palestinians killed were connected to terror organizations.” Accordingly, 80% of Palestinians killed in the Gaza border riots were terrorists.”

The Jerusalem Post says:

Nine of the dead Palestinians were part of military terrorist cells and four were part of Gazan security services, according to the report. The other 17 identified as connected with terrorist groups were so identified based on public statements made by various terrorist groups taking credit for the loyalties or activities of those individuals, the report said.The remaining six slain Palestinians were not mentioned by any terrorist groups and are presumed to have been civilians.”

Meanwhile, on March 31, Israel said that 10 of the 15 Palestinians killed at the time were terrorists. (Even Hamas admitted that 5 of the dead were its members.)

In light of this information, we called on CBC to correct its falsely claiming that Israel killed 30 Palestinian “demonstrators”. Israel says that many of these dead were engaged in violent riots, had attacked IDF soldiers and had tried to infiltrate into Israel.

We await the CBC’s reply to our complaint. Stay tuned to this page for future updates.



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