CBC: We're not biased

Cbc Addressing a parliamentary heritage committee reviewing CBC‘s mandate and funding, a former CBC ombudsman denied the national broadcaster is more biased than other news organizations.

"I don’t believe CBC is more leftist than any other news organization," Renaud Gilbert told the committee, while acknowledging that CBC journalists "are more likely to believe they are providing a public service compared to the private sector."

Gilbert said a broad range of political views are represented in CBC’s newsrooms:

"What’s important is that these biases not come through in the journalists’ individual news reports. We avoid having them appear and we correct them if they do."Casgrain_2

Meanwhile, the federal government has appointed Timothy Casgrain to a five-year term as the new chairman of CBC’s board of directors. A Montreal native, Casgrain has been chairman of Canadian aviation company Skyservice Investments since 1997.  According to a Globe and Mail report:

"When asked about an affiliation with the Conservative government, he said that he supports the Conservatives in his local Toronto riding of Eglinton-Lawrence."

CBC’s previous chairman, Guy Fournier, resigned last September after generating controversy by writing in a newspaper column:

"In Lebanon, the law makes it possible for men to have sexual intercourse with animals as long as they are females. To do the same thing with male animals could lead to the death penalty."

Last May, Fournier told a Toronto radio station that at his age, it gave him more pleasure to defecate than to make love.


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