CBC Viewpoint: Creation of Israel a "Horrendous Mistake"

August 6, 2006

CbcWriting in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Web site’s "Viewpoint" section, Anthony Westell, a former Globe and Mail Ottawa bureau chief and Toronto Star columnist, calls the UN’s creation of Israel on "Arab land" a "horrible mistake."

Westell then makes this absurd comparison:

Westell_1"Imagine how we would feel if the UN decided to make a homeland for Muslims in Canada by partitioning, say, Nova Scotia. Yes, it’s too far fetched to take seriously, but that’s roughly what happened to the Palestinians."

While making very strong assertions throughout his column, Westell curiously seems undecided about how to describe the "informal militias" that kill Israelis, describing them as

"’terrorists’ or, take your pick, ‘freedom-fighters.’"

Westell also falsely claims that the Jews who immigrated to Palestine "occupied" Arab land. The implication: the entire state of Israel is an occupation. Perhaps in Westell’s view, "ending the occupation" means giving the Arabs all of the lands that make up Israel.

Read the column here, and leave a comment here.


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