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CBC to Broadcast "CHECKPOINT” (November 17, 2005)

by Mike Fegelman

Program Alert:
CBC to Broadcast “CHECKPOINT”

November 17, 2005

Dear HonestReporting Canada subscriber:

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s documentary program, The Passionate Eye, will broadcast the film CHECKPOINT this Sunday night.

According to CBC’s Web site,

“CHECKPOINT documents the daily events that constitute the microcosm known as the Israeli military roadblock over an extended period of time. These roadblocks, essentially the first points of contact between the two peoples, have an enormous significance in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…

“On the Israeli side, the almost unlimited position of power influences the shaping of the Israeli ethos and public persona. Young soldiers, still in their adolescence, find themselves faced with impossible situations. Reserve army soldiers, who just a day before were functioning as parents and spouses, wage earners and business owners, are faced with situations that their daily lives did not prepare them for…

“On the other side, the day-to-day struggle and humiliation the Palestinians endure as they pass through the roadblock, fuels the hatred towards their Israeli neighbors. Much has been written about the corruption of the conqueror brought about by extended occupation, and still the daily reality of the roadblock illustrates this in shockingly tangible scenes…”

How You Can Make a Difference

  1. Tune in to CBC Newsworld on Sunday, November 20 at 10:00 PM ET/PT

  2. Analyze the program for fairness and accuracy. Here are 7 key violations of objectivity to look out for:

    • Misleading definitions and terminology
    • Imbalanced reporting
    • Opinions disguised as news
    • Lack of context
    • Selective omission
    • Using true facts to draw false conclusions
    • Distortion of facts
  3. Share your opinion with CBC at audience_relations@cbc.ca. Please keep your letters POLITE and forward a copy (do not CC) to action@honestreporting.ca.

     Thank you for your ongoing commitment to fair and accurate
media coverage of Israel and the Middle East



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