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by Mike Fegelman
    • January 28, 2022: In a review dated January 28, 2022, CBC Ombudsman Jack Nagler responded to a complaint about a May 11, 2021 broadcast on The National (watch by clicking below), where reporter Saša Petricic described the Hamas-Israel rocket exchange by suggesting that it was Israel who fired first, whereas in truth, it was the Islamist terrorist group. This misrepresentation was pointed out at the time by HonestReporting Canada who filed a complaint directly with CBC News and mobilized our subscribers and Canadians from coast to coast to take action. In his report, Nagler denied there was any bias on the part of Petricic, but acknowledged that viewers would have been given a false impression of the chronology of events.Nagler wrote (emphasis added) “It would have been wiser to choose between reporting explicitly on the chronology, or avoiding it altogether. Instead, there was only the passing reference, which left a sliver of ambiguity – just enough that its meaning could be misinterpreted. In that sense, the report failed to live up to the JSP (Journalistic Standards and Practices); the language used was not precise enough to ensure that the report was faithful and easy to understand… There was a violation of policy.”
    • August 18, 2019: HonestReporting Canada prompts improved CBC The National coverage of Israel’s banning BDS-Supporting U.S. Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. CBC had wrongly claimed they were denied entry because both were vocal critics of Israel.
    • October 11, 2018: On July 24, Honest Reporting Canada issued a media action alert which noted that although #Israel won widespread praise for its leading role and brave humanitarian efforts in the daring rescue of hundreds of individuals associated with #Syria’s #WhiteHelmets, our public broadcaster, the CBC News: The National, produced truly appalling coverage that unfairly maligned #Israel’s efforts.In a recent review initiated by several HRC subscribers, CBC’s Ombudsman has found that CBC National’s reporting was imprecise, lacked context, and required additional analysis.
    • February 16, 2014: CBC National Admits Error In Suggesting Tel Aviv Is Israel’s Capital
    • November 19, 2014: CBC National Issues On-Air Correction: Terror Attack Occurred in Western Jerusalem
    • Sep 30, 2010: CBC Ombudsman review of HRC complaint against Neil MacDonald concluded that: 1) CBC News should ensure that reporting on East Jerusalem is supported by the latest and most credible research and statistics 2) CBC News should broaden its range of think tank sources in Washington, DC in order to present a more complete range of reliable opinion.
    • Aug 20 2010: CBC apologizes for incorrectly stating that Hamas controls the West Bank: “Of course, Hamas controls the Gaza Strip. Mahmoud Abbas’ party Fatah controls the West bank through the Palestinian Authority. We regret the error.”
    • Jan 13 2009: Report showed President Obama expressed concern for the loss of civilian life in Gaza. On-air correction issued, stating President Obama also expressed concern for the loss of civilian life in Israel as well.
    • Jan 8 2009: Reporter stated “representatives of Israel, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have agreed to meet in Cairo to discuss the proposed ceasefire.” Update report indicated that neither representatives met.
    • Sept. 6, 2006: Reporter sympathetically profiled a Lebanese terrorist as a victim. CBC produced an unprecedented 11+ minute report profiling the victim of the terrorist’s attack after an HRC complaint.



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