CBC The National Broadcast Falsely Refers To Existence Of “Palestinian Territories” In 1967

February 22, 2024

During the February 19 broadcast of The National, the evening news program of CBC, reporter Katie Nicholson made a statement that represented a serious error in journalistic standards.

During her report, Nicholson told viewers that “it’s been nearly six decades since Israeli tanks rolled into Palestinian territories,” referring to the Six Day War, which took place in June, 1967.

In truth, the territories were in no way Palestinian.

Watch the segment below:

Judea & Samaria, including eastern Jerusalem, often referred to as the West Bank by news media outlets, was administered by Jordan. Meanwhile, the Gaza Strip was administered by Egypt.

Both countries seized those lands during Israel’s War of Independence, which began in 1948, when they invaded and attempted to destroy the newly reborn Jewish State, but during their 19-year occupation from 1948 to 1967, neither Jordan nor Egypt became legal owners of the lands.

If anything, the lands could be referred to as territories formerly administered by Jordan and Egypt, but certainly not Palestinian.

Israel possesses extensive legal and historical rights to the lands in question, but by referring to the area as “Palestinian territories,” Nicholson dismisses three millennia of Jewish presence, instead employing revisionist history.

Furthermore, Nicholson’s phrasing of “Israeli tanks (having) rolled” also misleads, falsely suggesting that Israel was the aggressor in 1967. While Israel launched a pre-emptive strike against enemy airfields, it was in the face of enormous military buildup from its neighbours Egypt and Syria, who were expected to invade Israel imminently.

Following CBC’s broadcast, HonestReporting Canada filed a complaint with Nicholson, as well as Brodie Fenlon, the general manager & editor-in-chief, Nancy Waugh, senior manager of Journalistic Standards, and George Achi, director of Journalistic Standards.

We await the CBC’s response to our complaint. Stay tuned to this page for further updates.


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