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CBC Success: You Made the Difference

by Mike Fegelman

On August 10, we alerted you to serious problems in CBC’s coverage of the Middle East. Your letters and phone calls to CBC made an immediate difference.

For the past 18 months, CBC introduced its "IN DEPTH: Middle East" section with a picture of a flag-waving Palestinian lying in front of a massive Israeli bulldozer. CBC falsely labelled it a "Feb. 1" photo without mentioning that it was from Feb. 1, 2005.


But on August 13, only three days after you responded to our alert, CBC replaced the prejudicial, falsely-dated photo with a fairer image:


In response to your letters, CBC also updated its timeline of the Israel-Lebanon crisis to indicate that an Israeli attack in the village of Qana killed 28 people, not 56 as CBC had originally reported.

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