CBC Retracts Scandalous Claim that Majority of Gazans Killed are Children

July 21, 2014

Thanks to the keen eye and quick action of HRC subscriber Brian Henry, the CBC has retracted a scandalous claim made by “A Gaza health official” in an online report on July 21 which alleged that of “the more than 500 Palestinians (who) have died in the conflict, most of them are children…”

As Henry pointed out to CBC editors, the “health official” was “not challenged on this statement in any way, nor is it pointed out that Gaza health workers answer to a govt run by terrorists. Al-Jazeera is keeping a running list of everyone killed in the conflict, including their ages. If you’ll take a glance, you’ll see that the large majority are adults: You’ll also notice that a large majority are men, which gives the lie to the claim that most Palestinian casualties are civilians.”

Henry noted that “this outrageous lie that most of the Palestinians being killed are children should be immediately corrected.”

Within hours, the following corrective was issued:


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