CBC Retracts Claim that Jewish Defense League of Canada (JDL) is a Terror Group, Again!

Yesterday, CBC News.ca issued the following retraction (what they called a “clarification”) after our public broadcaster’s news website falsely claimed that the Jewish Defense League of Canada (JDL) was a bona fide terror group:

In a CBC.ca article published yesterday, the following was incorrectly reported: “On the other side of the street, at a counter-protest organized by the Jewish Defence League, protesters waved Canadian and Israeli flags with signs that read “Canadian law, not sharia law” and “Democracy, not terrorism.” Khawaja calls the JDL, which the FBI has labelled a right-wing terrorist group, an “extremist organization.”

As HonestReporting Canada told CBC editors, the Jewish Defence League of Canada is not a listed terror organization here in Canada. In fact, in 2011, CBC TV had to issue the following apology to remedy its making this serious error: “We want to correct and apologize for a mistake we made last Sunday. In one segment, we said the Jewish Defence League is a banned terrorist organization in Canada. The Jewish Defense League is not on the Government of Canada’s list of groups or individuals identified being associated with terrorism and we very much regret the error.” 


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