CBC Retracts Claim that Israel Killed 23 Syrian Demonstrators After HRC Complaint

April 5, 2012

On March 30, CBC.ca published an article entitled: “Israel seals off West Bank for Land Day protests” which erroneously claimed that in the Summer of 2011, that "Israeli troops killed 23 (Syrian) demonstrators…" Please see our screen grab immediately below from your reference:

Contrary to this statement, Israel contends that its forces only killed 13 demonstrators who tried to breach its border with Syria last year. The other 10, are alleged to have died when fire bombs they were throwing hit Syrian land mines which detonated and killed them. Furthermore, this CBC.ca article adopted the Syrian version of events in claiming that Israel killed the 23 demonstrators. Israel claims that this matter has never been independently corroborated and is largely based on claims from the Syrian government and its state-run media which lacks credibility.

This CBC.ca article also contradicted a previous CBC.ca report which did not blame Israel for the death toll alone, but simply referenced that 23 people were killed in clashes.  A June 6 CBC.ca report noted that: “deadly clashes with Israeli forces that killed as many as 23 people who tried to rush the border.”

HonestReporting Canada brought this matter to the attention of senior editors at CBC.ca who commendably retracted this claim. The CBC article now states:


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