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CBC Reporter Falsely Claims “Israelis Are Trying To Evict Palestinian Homeowners”

by Mike Fegelman

On the evening broadcast of CBC Radio on May 11, former Middle East reporter Sasa Petricic erroneously claimed that “… Israelis are trying to evict Palestinian homeowners” in reference to the real estate dispute in Sheikh Jarrah/Shimon HaTzadik neighbourhood.

Listen to the report by clicking here or below:

In so doing, Petricic perpetuated an outright falsehood that is deserving of an immediate on-air correction.

In truth, and as NGO Monitor confirms, Israel is going through a decades-long legal process to adjudicate whether to evict Palestinian families who have been illegally squatting and living rent-free in Jewish-owned homes in the east Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah/Shimon HaTzadik. The Palestinian families refuse to pay rent to the owner, a Jewish organization dating back to before Israel’s independence in 1948.

The Palestinian families are NOT homeowners. The families brought the cases to lower courts, who upheld the laws. Since then, the evictions, which have been held off by order of Israel’s Supreme Court due to the tense situation, have been used as an excuse for Palestinians to riot throughout Jerusalem.

HonestReporting Canada has called on CBC to broadcast an on-air correction to set the record straight. Stay tuned to this page for future updates.



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